California Purchases: Clothing

The look I was going for was poolside goddess.  Did I pull it off?  You decide.  You’ll probably notice that I have no idea how to pose my body in clothing.  I clearly need to spend more of my time in front of the mirror actually practicing these things instead of looking up my nose and staring at myself seductively.  But for now we can all watch me kind of mimic some stances that I’ve seen once or twice on fashion blogs.  Please enjoy!IMG_3614

Eberjey Sea Leaves Tunic, $159I haven’t taken too many beach trips this summer, and I realized what that meant when I began packing: I had nothing to wear to the pool/beach.  I have that cotton longish top thing (I’m really not even sure what that’s supposed to be, or if I’m even wearing it for its intended purposes) that I wore every single day during my last trip to Sri Lanka, but even I’m sick of seeing myself in that thing.  So I went to the shop at Pelican Hill with an idea in my head and this fit the bill.  The long sleeves are what got me.  What else says “here’s my butt, but please, my forearms are for my eyes only” like a long sleeved tunic?  Nothing.  So I bought it.


Cole Haan Bowie Slip On (different print), $79.95.  On a family vacation, obviously the best way to spend a day is at an outlet where you eat a pretzel, collectively decide you hate everything everywhere, and then go eat tacos.  I was really only there for the CCO (see my purchases here) but my mom wanted to look in Cole Haan.  While my sisters and I were making fun of these weird oxford/sneaker hybrids they were trying to sell, these cute little slip ons caught my eye.  I’ve destroyed all of the espadrilles that I bought in the spring.  Like, one piece of the rubber on the sole falls off each time I wear them.  So these will serve me well for fall.  Plus they’re really nicely made.  And I bought them for $35.



Printed Envelope Clutch, $36.  There was a really beautiful chair inside a museum shop at Balboa Park.  But, it was like $2,000 and also across the country from where I live.  So when I saw something kind of similar in a cute little clutch, I thought I would compromise (I think it’s more like settling, but compromise sounds more positive and upbeat!)  This size is perfect for a phone, wallet, sunglass case, and my little Sony NEX6 camera.  I’ve been bringing it to the pool/beach and it’s really been working out.  Plus, I can always throw it in the laundry on gentle if it gets dirty.  It doesn’t say anywhere that I can actually do that, but I’m going to try,   IMG_3629

IMG_3655Vix Paula Hermanny Ninfa Caftan (black seems to be sold out everywhere), $58.40.  This was one of those things that I immediately thought was so pretty and would be $300 and I would cry.  I must have forgotten that I’m the only person still buying beach cover ups, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually affordable.  So I made it mine.  A lot of my bathing suits are black (I don’t particularly like the look of bright colors against my skin, I prefer deeper shades) so finding a black tunic with pretty beading was a huge score for me.  It’s the little things.  I also love pretty much everything Vix makes.  I have a bunch of their tunics and I just bought more online.  If you wanna treat yourself to a pretty little dress for an upcoming anniversary/honeymoon/poolside goddess trip, I recommend checking out their things.

Hey Americans!  Have a great Labor Day 🙂  I’ll be back with a photo journal from the past week in the next couple of days.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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