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I’m fully aware that I’m going to be screaming at myself in the mirror for not being at the beach when January rolls around.  But these days were cloudy and there were discounted beauty products with my name on them.  Like, the MAC Face and Body foundation and Estee Lauder moisturizer I got for $10 less than retail.  Those small triumphs make cloudy days okay by me.  I got most of these things at two different CCOs (Cosmetic Company Outlets).  If you’ve never been to one, they’re small stores owned by Estee Lauder which sell the company’s brands (like Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Smashbox) at a discount.  A lot of the products are still available in stores, like all of the items I purchased.  They may also sell discontinued items, where either the product or the packaging was discontinued.  I usually see a bunch of limited release stuff there too.  This is what I picked up (and then brought to the register to purchase)!

mac face and body foundation

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C2 (50 ML), $27. *  I couldn’t believe they had this at a CCO.  I picked that up real quick.  The small size is perfect for travel.  Plus, this builds incredibly.  I was skeptical about its ability to build to medium coverage, because it’s so lightweight (it’s water-based).  You’re probably like “What the heck, Julia, you just said in your August Favorites that you weren’t even looking for another foundation after you started using the Studio Fix Fluid.”  I guess I lied to myself because, honestly, I’m always looking for more foundation.  Studio Fix is great for photography, especially with flash.  It covers all of my redness and evens out my complexion beautifully.  For regular use, though, it’s not really necessary.  Too much coverage on the skin really grinds my gears, as I mentioned in my post about makeup trends.  Face and Body is the perfect (and also fragrance-free!) alternative for everyday makeup.  I’ve even heard of people with particularly fair skin who can’t find a light enough foundation mixing the White shade with their foundation (As far as I know, it’s only available at Pro stores or online, and only in the 120 ml bottle, but if you know differently, tell us in the comments).  It’s also important to note that since this is water based, your silicone based smoothing primers will create a barrier on the skin and this foundation won’t perform correctly.  I use it over moisturizer and it’s great.

L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow smoldering plum gilded envy

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Gilded Envy and Smoldering Plum, $7.99I didn’t get these at a CCO.  My mention of these in my Drugstore Favorites just made me want more.  “Gilded Envy” is gorgeous; unlike anything else that I own.  Smoldering Plum is also beautiful, but doesn’t have the same textured sparkle.  It’s a bit softer.  I wish I could give you more information about each shade, but I’ve been chilling on the beach and have had absolutely no reason to walk around with sparkly lids.  I love these shadows, though.  They’re loose powders, but I don’t use any special primer.  I just made sure to spray them with water or use a wet brush to keep fall out to a minimum.  The price is fantastic.

mac prep and prime cc powder neutralize

MAC Prep + Prime CC Loose Powder in Neutralize, $26.*  Color correction is key for me and my rosacea.  Rather than using a thick concealer to try to cover it up, I always use a yellow based foundation.  Luckily, my undertone is neutral so I can get away with yellow or pink.  Knowing that the Face and Body foundation usually needs setting, I figured I would pick this up.  I don’t have any yellow powders, and while I’m not sure this is pigmented enough to make a huge difference, I figure it can’t hurt.  I like this one so far.

estee lauder verite moisture creamEstee Lauder Verite Moisture Relief Creme, $65.*  I had pretty much given up on trying to get rid of my facial redness.  But my mom kept insisting that I try this cream, which a doctor she works with recommended for that exact reason.  When I saw it at the CCO for $52, I figured I’d finally give it a try.  I’ve been using the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion since March and I love it.  It’s lightweight and I really feel that my skin looks nice and plump after applying (probably because of the hyaluronic acid).  It also wears really nicely under foundation.  This cream, on the other hand, is thicker and a little greasy.  I’m sure it wouldn’t be noticeable to most people who regularly use creams, but I definitely feel it compared to my CeraVe lotion.  I’ll continue to use this everyday though because of how it reduces the redness on my cheeks.  I was amazed after a few days of use how much my it had helped.  I think it has to do with the caffeine listed in the ingredients: my mom, who is a nurse and generally very smart lady, told me that caffeine constricts the blood vessels, which minimizes inflammation.  I’ll cite a reputable source when I have the time to read a 30+ page study (I definitely don’t miss college).  This cream loses half of a star for texture, but I’m still thrilled to have found it, especially with the colder months approaching.

clinique eyeshadow quad morning javaClinique Eyeshadow Quad in Morning Java, $28.50.I feel very sentimental about these little quads from Clinique.  My mom always bought her makeup from Clinique and the “Strawberry Fudge” compact was my jam in high school.  I saw this and immediately loved these warm browns, which are now my jam.  I couldn’t have made up a prettier red/brown shade if I tried.  Quality-wise these are awesome and I love that big mirror.  I’ll definitely be bringing this little compact with me when I travel.

In case you don’t follow me on social media, I let everyone know that posting for this week and next will be a little irregular since I’m still in California dealing with the world’s slowest little MacBook Air and next Monday is Labor Day.  There will still probably be the same number of posts, but probably on different days than expected.  I’m sure this will affect absolutely none of your lives, but I thought I’d let you know.

If you’ve been to a CCO lately, LET ME KNOW in the comments what you bought!!  I’m so curious about what else they sell in different locations.  If you’re curious about where I got that cute little pink pouch in the featured image, check for my post about my clothing purchases tomorrow!  (OK I’ll tell you now, I got it at a museum shop in Balboa Park.)  Thanks for reading!

* I’ve been hopping around from hotel room to hotel room and don’t have all of my receipts anymore.  Rather than giving the price I think I paid which is probably wrong, you can just assume I paid $7-12 dollars less than retail on each item.  Tacos on meeeeee!!!

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    1. I wish I lived closer to one!! And I meant that the “white” shade might only be available in Pro Stores, maybe I should go back and rephrase. I’m such a face and body believer now though, I wish I had bought it years ago! I’m amazed by how well it builds up to medium coverage!

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