High End and Drugstore Makeup Purge: What I’m Getting Rid of & Why

All of these things that I review eventually have to go somewhere.  You may have heard people complaining about lack of space in New York City, so I won’t pile on.  But I seriously can’t keep all of this stuff.  In an effort to keep my makeup collection limited to what can fit on my desktop, I’m constantly giving things away even if I like them.  Below are the more popular/interesting items I’m parting with, a lot of which have been reviewed here on AllTheBestBeauty.com.  I’m having problems adding text to my pictures, so for now I’m talking about each product from left to right.  Please enjoy and don’t make the same mistakes as me!

high end makeup

Dior Nude Air Tan Powder, $54.   I don’t know who I thought I was buying a Dior bronzer.  One of my favorite highlighters (limited edition, sadly) is by Dior, so I guess I was just going with that.  This one is slightly orange, which I don’t really like.  I also don’t even use bronzer all that much anyway.  Between my Tarte’s Park Ave Princess and the Nars Laguna bronzer (both mini versions), I’m pretty much set for a few years when it comes to bronzing powders.

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in “Score”, $26.  This shade is beautiful.  It’s peachy, pink, and golden.. a lot like Nars Orgasm.  Since I already have that one and I prefer that formula, I don’t need this one.  It’s going to look beautiful on my little sister, though 🙂  Full review here.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, $18.  I loved this primer’s claims.  It was supposed to neutralize skin and give foundation a more flawless finish.  What it actually gave me was a terrible white cast on my face.  Using a smaller amount gave me the same result and eventually I gave up trying.

Benefit Erase Paste, $26.  I have and prefer a similar product by Laura Mercier.  This is nice for under eyes, but I’ve been staying away from concealer in that area anyway.  I’ll never finish it before it expires, so someone else might as well enjoy it.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, $100.  I’ve already written about this twice (here and here) so I won’t dwell too much.  I have two of these because my friend also didn’t like hers.  It’s very irritating on my skin and feels kind of greasy, so I’m happy to be getting rid of the second one finally!

MAC Bronzing Powder in “Refined Golden”, $26.  I bought this online accidentally, intending to buy “Golden” instead.  I didn’t even realize that you can’t return products purchased online to the store (Did you know that?  It’s good to know because the picture swatches online are awful in my opinion) until much later and I thought I’d try to make it work.  Golden itself is kind of orange on me, so the glitter in this definitely doesn’t help me pull it off.  The hyper-luminosity of this is similar to Nars’s Orgasm vs Super Orgasm.

drugstore makeupRevlon ColorStay Moisture Stain in “Milan Moment”, $9.99.   I don’t really mind the formula of these.  I hate this color, though.  It’s pretty much a flat orange color.  It reminds me of the crayon you would use to draw carrots.  There’s a full review here.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Illuminator in “Golden”, $12.99.  I try to give this away to everyone who walks through my door and I just can’t get anyone to take it.  The Golden shade is really unnaturally yellow.  It doesn’t really blend well and even if you can blend it out, it’s just not the greatest.  I wrote about six drugstore highlighters (click here) if you’re looking for some luminosity on a budget.  There are definitely better options out there.

The Balm Sexy Mama Translucent Powder, $20.  I bought this while HauteLook was having a sale on The Balm products.  While it’s not anything special, it is a perfectly fine product.  The only problem is that I don’t always set my face, and I love my Laura Mercier translucent powder.  I have the smaller size of that one and it’s already lasted me forever, so i just don’t need this one too.  For a full post about setting powder, click here!

Maybelline Brow Drama, $7.99.  This product is an unfortunate combination of weird and ineffective.  You have to work forever to build the product up, and at that point it looks kind of cakey.  The ball tip doesn’t really allow for precision, either.  For more, plus an overview of different drugstore brow products, click here.

Barry M. Gelly Lips.  This was part of my recent London haul (here).  The color is terrible on me and I just wasn’t crazy about this.  It’s perfect for my little sister, though.

Maybelline Master Hi Light Bronzer, $9.99.  These really warm bronzers just don’t ever work out for me.  I do think it’s really pretty, though.  On someone with deeper skin I think it would be really nice.  For a full review, click here.

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder, $7.99.  The Laura Mercier setting powder has made it hard for me to use any others, honestly.  This one is fine, I haven’t had any serious problems with it, but the quality of the powder is significantly less than my others.  A full post about setting powders can be found here!

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in “Dark Brown”, $3.99.  This color is too warm for me and the brush on this pencil is awful.  Between my Anastasia Dipbrows and Brow Wiz, and the Nyx Micro pencil, I have virtually no use for this brow product.  For a full post about drugstore brows, click here!

If you’ve had similar or exact opposite experiences with these problems, let me know!  We can chat 🙂  Have you heard of instagram?  Me too!  Check out my social media links below so we can be friends n stuff!

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3 thoughts on “High End and Drugstore Makeup Purge: What I’m Getting Rid of & Why

  1. I am in the midst of doing this – I’ve got a whole shopping bag of stuff. Some to simply toss and some to give away if my friends want them. It’s sometimes difficult for me to part with things but I know that in the end, I’ll be happier for it! Great rationale for your purges. 🙂 I wish we lived in the same city and we could all do makeup swaps! 😛


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