Photo Journal: NYC & Providence, RI

People ask me how it is that I’m always somewhere.  It’s simple, though.  I just tag along.  “Oh you’re going somewhere?  Cool, me too”.  That’s basically how it goes.  And that’s how I wound up in Rhode Island in this week for 24 hours!  I’ll be leaving for San Diego tomorrow, so keep your eye out for the photo journal next week!














Providence!  I imagine this city is vastly different when school is in session, especially considering all of the schools in the area.  It was nice and quiet while I was there, so I didn’t mind one bit.  I went a place called Small Point Cafe for lunch, had a salad, then walked over to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.  I only had a few hours in the afternoon, and I’m happy I chose to spend them there.  The museum includes tons of different forms of art.  Ancient, Modern, Asian, Textiles, Photographs, Decorative Art, it’s all there.  It’s not only there, but it’s contained in five adjoining buildings ranging from very old to pretty new.  Definitely check it out if you ever find yourself in Providence, you won’t regret it!


My Aunt!  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with my aunt and her friend from work this week.  She uploaded a picture from Chelsea Market on Instagram and suddenly we were hanging out.  I love having my family live so close to me, I can’t say it enough.  We met up in Union Square then walked west to Olio e Piu (which is a nice place to sit outdoors, or sit in a sunny dining room) for Pimm’s Cups.  I had to go put together an Ikea delivery (FOR HOURS) so we only had one, but it was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.  Who else loves Pimm’s!?




Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset Sister!  While I was walking home from meeting with my aunt, my little sister called me and asked to hang out.  I told her I’d take her to one of her favorite places for dinner, Tao Downtown, so that’s what we did.  She also brought Clare!  We love Clare.  Some guy actually bought her a shot while I was talking to hostess, so shots were taken before we even sat for dinner.  That’s probably as crazy as the night got, though.  Night clubs in Manhattan aren’t the greatest during the summer, and we only sat for dinner at 11pm.  By the time we finished, everywhere was really crowded.  We went next door to PhD and weren’t feeling it.  So we went two blocks up to Bathtub Gin where I had another Pimm’s.  Amanda always makes me get her pizza at the end of night, so we ended our night at Stella’s before all squishing into my bed.  We had so much fun!  And Amanda wore my old cocktail waitress dress, so that’s what that is.


Sunset!  Because it wouldn’t be a NYC Photo Journal without one of these.  🙂

Now I’m ready for California!  Bring on that dry heat!  All of this humidity has me feeling soggy, ya know?  Click here for more NYC Photo Journals, and here for more Travel Stories!

All The Best,


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