One Big Post About Matte Liquid Lipsticks ft. Milani Matte Lip Creme: Swatches & Reviews

I love being able to put my makeup on, then forget about it.  Worrying about smudging or fading totally kills the vibe.  When you’re wearing a bold lip and feeling fierce, you definitely don’t want to be self conscious.  I get so many questions about liquid lipsticks.  There are so many out right now, which is the best for you?  How are they different?  It all comes down to a few simple questions.  Let’s get some answers about these matte liquid lipsticks!


stila stay all day liquid lipstick patina bellisima

Price?  $24 here

Streaky?  I have found Bellissima to be terribly streaky, but I never have any problems with Patina.

Wearability?  These do feel a little dry on the lips.  Not any more so than most other matte lipsticks, but if your lips already feel dry, it probably won’t be comfortable to wear these for more than 5 hours.

Wear Time?  These just last and last.  I don’t even bother bringing them for touchups when I go out.

Colour pop Ultra Matte Lip Solow Bumble

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips Solow Bumble

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lips

Price?  $6 here.

Streaky?  Some can be.  It definitely helps to apply a liner first.

Wearability?  Super comfortable on the lips.  One of the better ones for all-day comfort.

Wear Time?  These are actually kind of hard to take off.  They really stay put, even through drinking and eating.

Full review here.

nyx liquide suede sandstorm soft spoken

nyx Liquid Suede Sandstorm Soft Spoken

Nyx Liquid Suede Lip Cream

Price?  $7 here (out of stock at the moment)

Streaky?  I do notice some streaking, but nothing heartbreaking.

Wearability?  These probably feel the most sticky out of all the options.  They don’t dry completely, so they give the lips a slightly tacky feel.  It’s not a huge deal though, at least for me.  If you’re familiar with their other lip products, you can probably imagine how this feels because they have the same creamy, silicone-type of consistency.

Wear Time?  I haven’t tried them for more than 5 hours, but you can definitely make it through a meal without reapplying.

Full review here.

kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick bachelorette vampira

kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick bachelorette vampira

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Price?  $20 here

Streaky?  Vampira is pretty streaky, but Bachelorette is perfectly fine.  Another one of those “depends on the shade” kind of things.

Wearability?  The high end options (Kat Von D, Stila, and Anastastia Beverly Hills) all have the same sort of feel on the lips.  They’re totally do-able, but after the 5th hour you maybe want to start scrubbing.

Wear Time?  This is another one that you can wear all night without any problems, and i like that.



Price?  $8.99 here

Streaky?  I didn’t notice any streaking at all with either of these shades, which was pretty exciting.

Wearability?  You can definitely forget that these are on your lips.  They’re really comfortable and they don’t transfer once they’re dry.

Wear time?  I wore this for 7 hours the other night and never touched up.  I don’t even think I realized I had lipstick on for most of the night, which could be why.

Anastasia beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick american doll

Anastasia beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick american doll

Price?  $20 here.

Streaky?  This shade isn’t streaky at all!  This is also the only shade I’ve had experience with, so I can’t really say too much about it.  Share your thoughts on this in the comments!

Wearability?  Comfortable and transfer-proof.  The application, I found, has been a little hard to work with, though.  A lip liner definitely remedied this.

Wear time?  No touch ups all night!  Alright!

Are the high end products much better than the lower end ones?  Not that I’ve noticed.  This is great, considering that not everyone will like this formula and may not want to pay $20+ for something they may or may not wear.  Now that this is over, I’m really looking forward to some satin and glossy finish lips.  It’s been weeks of nothing but intense mattes and I need to shine a little.

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8 thoughts on “One Big Post About Matte Liquid Lipsticks ft. Milani Matte Lip Creme: Swatches & Reviews

      1. It’s nice to know that there are some drugstore and lower priced brands that work better. Colourpop has some inconsistency as well, but lucky you…picked the best formulas, both of which I own and are my favorite liquid mattes. Creeper is a really good buildable red with yellow undertones.


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