Makeup Trends + What To Do Instead

What’s up with makeup lately?  I wanna know.  You may be thinking “Lol, Julia, you’ve written about this already”.  But this is different from my own personal mistakes (find that post here).  This is more just me wondering what the general public is thinking sometimes when they put makeup on their face and leave the house.  Now, if you do any of these things and you like it, then who the hell cares what I have to say about it.  Keep it up!  But if you’re doing any of these things because you think you need to and that’s what beauty means, think again my friend!

makeup trends

Why so much foundation and powder?  Where are all of the fresh faces?  Where’s everyone’s youthful glow?  The majority of makeup users do not need full coverage foundation.  Most don’t even need medium coverage.  The saddest (most sad?) thing I regularly see is too much coverage on the skin.  Unless you have real skin problems or expect to be photographed with an HD camera under bright lights, it’s just not necessary.  Healthy skin is so much more beautiful than any finish a foundation can give you.  There’s also the problem of powder.  I think people are over powdering because they plan to go back and highlight later anyway.  This is terrible.  They wind up looking older and just plain fake.

What to do?    I think people are over powdering because they plan to go back and highlight later anyway.  This is terrible.  They wind up looking older and just plain fake.  Instead, apply a thin layer of foundation, which will also keep it from creasing.  You set the product with another thin layer of powder, then set it with a setting spray (there’s a whole post about setting sprays here and setting powders here).  Working in thin layers will keep the skin looking real, natural and ultimately give a more flattering finish.

Contouring.  I won’t go on and on about this, because enough people already have.  I don’t like the excessive contouring that’s been going on for the past few years.  As I mentioned in my last two points, there’s just too much product on the face.  Most of the time, it’s either ineffective or totally unnecessary.  Again, if it makes you feel good, then go for it.  But there are so many ways to be beautiful: high cheekbones and full cheeks aren’t the only attractive features you can have.  Most of the before pictures look better than the afters with these viral contouring videos anyway!

What to do?  Now, I definitely don’t mind defining the face a little.  Instead of slapping stripes across your face, why not find a lightweight foundation with a similar finish as your regular foundation (i.e. if your foundation is matte, find a matte foundation) and use that to contour?  I use Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation in a neutral/beige shade that’s about 1.5 shades darker than my skin.  Using a lightweight foundation keeps things from getting cakey,  gives you a more natural look, and is easier to blend.  I place it along my cheekbones then blend up, as well as on my forehead because it’s really a fivehead and I know it.

Excessive highlight.  This is only necessary if you’ve already taken away any trace of life from your skin by using too much foundation.  Highlighters have become so intense lately, though, that they pretty much never look realistic.  The human brain isn’t dumb.  It’s not going to see a thick strip of opaque, frosty white or gold on your cheeks and think “wow, how healthy and beautiful!”  Instead, it just look overdone, imbalanced, and sometimes even greasy.  Those are all terrible things when it comes to makeup application.

What to do?  If you’re not overdoing it with the foundation, one dip into that highlighter with a very fluffy brush is all that you need.  You can also use a dewy foundation, then mattify any areas you would usually contour.  Then the dewiness of your foundation becomes your highlight.

Floating Eyebrows.  That’s what I think of them as, at least.  And I’ve never liked them.  In fact, they creep me out.  What ever happened to the idea of balance in a face?  If you look at red carpet photos, where the best makeup artists in the world show their work, you will rarely see any “carved out” brows.  I mean, they’re hairs growing out of your face.  I think they stand out on their own just fine without slathering concealer all over their surrounding area.

What to do?  If you don’t have a lot of space between your brow bone and brow, or you want to bring attention to your brows, there are things you can do without going overboard.  You can highlight that area with a matte or sparkly eyeshadow that’s the same tone as your skin (i.e. warm or cool), but a shade lighter.  When filling in your brows, go with the grain.  Applying product in the opposite direct of actual hair growth will just look funky.  Try to mimic hairs by drawing small strokes, rather than long, harsh lines.  For a post about drugstore brow products, click here!

I hope this has been helpful!  Again, if you love your sculpted brows, then you do your thing. If you know your highlight is excessive and you don’t care, then you’re basically me from 2012-2014.  But if you’re doing it because you feel you need to, remember you don’t.  The only things you need to do in life are pay taxes, die, and read every single morning.  Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Trends + What To Do Instead

  1. This is awesome, and you are sooooooo right! People feel like the NEED to do all these things to be pretty but they end up spending all this time and money making themselves look hella fake! I do some of these things when I’m in the mood and I hope you don’t catch any flack for telling it like it is. Personally I’m not offended in the least and I think it’s great that you were able to verbalize your concerns and share helpful tips. I really, really enjoyed this post 🙂


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