Photo Journal: NYC

BABIES!  in a few years I’ll probably be like NOT ANOTHER BABY SHOWER because that’s what sitcoms say, but for now it’s still exciting!  A few exciting things happened this weekend, actually.  Please enjoy this week’s photo journal!
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Last Saturday morning, my friend Suzy came over to use my shower after a morning run around the city.  After her shower, she asked me to go for a walk with her mom (she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom) and of course I did.  On Saturday mornings in August, the city shuts down an entire avenue for 7 miles from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park.  Cars aren’t allowed, just lots of bikes, scooters, and pedestrians.  It’s glorious.  Business set up little areas, too.  I love the American Kennel Club’s block.  They had doggie bowls, pools, a little obstacle course, and a dog-run area.  This is a big deal for city dogs!  They also had a picnic area outside of the restaurants, so we sat there and had some drinks while watching the dogs play.  Dogs are kind of like babies for me at the moment.. great to watch but terrifying to own.    We also stopped by the Union Square Farmer’s Market, which is always really nice, but even better in the summer time.  We said seeing everyone in the street reminded us of inmates who were suddenly allowed to run free.  We had a really nice morning together, the three of us 🙂IMG_1687 copy

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IMG_1696 copy

As I mentioned earlier, I also went to a baby shower!  A woman I used to work with is pregnant and she’s actually my first friend to become a mom.  I know there are so many pictures on the internet that are like “everyone’s getting married and have babies and I’m just having pizza HAHAH”, but none of my friends are getting married OR having babies.  I don’t know what’s up with that, but we all were excited for the first one.  It was originally supposed to be held at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but the rain forced us to New Jersey.  Our friend Jaila was nice enough to drive us, while wearing those crazy Dior sneakers.  If you’ve ever wondered who could pull off things like that, it’s Jaila.  Every time.  She always has the craziest stuff.  When we first got there, all we wanted was coffee.  There was literally none to be had, though.  Anywhere.  Eventually someone noticed we were running around frantically and burst our bubble.  They did let us know that a Cuban restaurant sold coffee, so we went straight there.  I hadn’t eaten yet, so that Cuban coffee was really something.  I couldn’t even finish it, I looked like the emoji that has no mouth, just huge eyes.

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The funny thing about Katie is that we actually went to high school together.  Then, years after I graduated during training for a new job, a girl asked me where I went to high school.  I didn’t recognize her because her hair was up (that hair is obviously very memorable) and she had big glasses on, but then we realized we knew each other!  Out of 6 or 7 girls hired, I wound up with someone from my high school.

Our friend Katie is a very unconventional young lady.  She had a few nicknames at work, mostly “peace and love” and “flower child”.  I don’t know if you picked that up from the Birkenstocks photo, but there you have it.   She’s actually a fantastic artist, you can check out her Instagram here.  She’s also an incredibly loving and nurturing woman.  I can’t wait to hang out with her and her little girl.

Her family and friends did such a good job with the shower.  Katie’s very low-key, so she would have hated anything over the top.  There was an area where we all made flower crowns, which was a big hit.  It also inspired a lot of selfies.  There were also plain onesies and socks that we tie-dyed for her, which was such a good idea.  Best of all, we made our own PB&J’s.  I have to be honest, I was terrified that we’d be eating veggie burgers and soy chips but I was pleasantly surprised.  Of course there were veggie burgers and vegan cookies, but there was also tons of delicious food.  Like, tons.  It was a very special day for a very special lady.

IMG_1994 copy

I spent an entire day trying to get my makeup organization together this week.  I think it could have been half-a-day, but I spent a few hours just trying to get these drawers to open.  I tried to put too many blushes in this and for a while I just figured I’d never wear blush again.  I’m still trying to figure out the best configuration for everything.  It’s hard, guys!IMG_2025 copy

IMG_2040 copy

IMG_2049 copy

IMG_2070 copy

IMG_2099 copy

IMG_2115 copy

Today I had a bunch of errands to run.  I wanted to get an Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick so I can make one huge rundown-type post about liquid lipsticks, but man those things are hard to find.  The Bloomingdales near me in SoHo doesn’t sell ABH, and Sephora only seems to sell brow products, so I made my way to Macy’s Herald Square.  I decided to walk it because it was beautiful today and my summer days in New York are limited since I’ll be headed to California soon.  Herald Square is one of my least favorite places, but I didn’t want to wait for it to be shipped so off I went.  The beauty hall there is pretty incredible, though.  If it was a Sephora, it would hands down be the best one in the world.  Inglot, Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, and MAC all have counters there, along with the usual brands.  I also walked home.  It was a beautiful night 🙂

I hope everyone’s had a really nice week.  Here’s to an even better weekend!  For more NYC Photo Journals, click here!  For Travel Journals, click here!

If you want to see a video consisting of photos of strangers with nice hair, check out the video my sister’s friend made for their sorority by clicking here!

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