New Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks + 1 Million Lip Swatches

We’re not happy with just a regular level of matte lipstick anymore.  No, now we need Ultra Matte lipsticks.  And who do we go to when we need the extreme done well and affordably?  Colour Pop. (See: Super Shock Shadows, Super Shock Highlighters)  I’m already stockpiling lip glosses for the moment when we all suddenly NEED the glossiest freaking lips you’ve ever seen, but for now we’re doing the matte thing so let’s indulge!  The million swatches (as promised in the title) are followed by the review.

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in 1st Base

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Creeper

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in pacific

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in midi

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip in Donut

color pop ultra matte lip viceThis looks terrible on me.  Meh.  Can’t win em all.

color pop ultra matte lip zipper

color pop ultra matte lip lychee

color pop ultra matte lip mars

color pop ultra matte lip solow

color pop ultra matte lip seesaw

IMG_1130 copy

I’m so glad that’s over.

Wearability.  These are surprisingly comfortable.  It’s possible to forget these on are the lips, unless you’re pressing them together.  I haven’t found them to drying, but after quite a few hours my lips did feel dry.  Today (as I write this) I wore one for nine hours and though I didn’t feel completely comfortable towards the end, I can’t think of another lipstick I could even stand to wear for that long.

Wear time.  This is where these things are kind of crazy.  I ate pizza with this on and it was perfectly in tact.  Let me clarify, I ate pizza alone in my apartment and my lips were still perfectly in tact.  I feel like we should all disclose whether the eating we did when testing products was done alone or in public.  Because this wasn’t delicate pizza eating.  Another story!  I wore one of these around my apartment without any other makeup on for a few hours when I first got them.  I decided to take a mid-day shower and emerged shocked to see I still had purple lips.  And I had washed my face.  I totally forgot I had this lipstick on, and it was still 75% on my lips.  Crazy.

Consistency.  These are really thin.  They dry really quickly and don’t transfer.  Some colors are a little streaky, but that can definitely be worked out.  Just make sure your lips are exfoliated and try to apply in even layers.

Price.  $6 (here).  That’s a great price for these.  If you’re looking to experiment with color but don’t want to plunk down a ton of money, this could be perfect for you.  The packaging is perfectly solid.

I would love to compare these to high end liquid lipsticks BUT I haven’t even worn mine in so long between the Nyx Liquid Suede (review here) and these.  I’m going to order one from Anastasia Beverly Hills and get started on an overall liquid lipstick review post!  For now, let’s be friends forever (see below!)

UPDATE!  I did write one big post about high and low end liquid lipsticks, you can read it here!

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20 thoughts on “New Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks + 1 Million Lip Swatches

  1. Eating pizza alone is awesome! I love me some alone eating time. When the boy says, I’m going out with the guys, I’m like “OK, SEE YA!” 😀
    I’ll be using this post as a reference when I order ColourPop lippies! I’m liking the more MLBB shades (of course) like Solow and Bumble.


    1. Haha, exactly!!
      Solow’s definitely my favorite. I accidentally ordered two and my sister’s SO happy because it’s a perfect shade for her. They have SO many MLBB shades, though, so you’re in luck. I actually had a hard time ordering because so many of the shades looked so similar, with slight variations. Definitely something for everyone 🙂


  2. Mmmmmmmm pizza…….. and I’m totally with you on disclosing public/private eating… 😉 They sound really impressive. I haven’t tried anything from Colorpop and am having a hard time deciding if I want to try their matte lipsticks first or just keep hunting down the ones from Milani… but your swatches are tempting me towards the first! great review, thank you so much for sharing 🙂


    1. I just got some from the Milani website yesterday actually!! I wind up ordering every time colour pop puts out a new product, but I sometimes wish I would have held off a bit. It’s definitely worth waiting a little bit to see what you really want! I’ll do a review on the Milani lipsticks next week if you want to wait! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I already told you that you could have it you pain in the butt. I wanted to give you vice, too, lol guess not! Maybe manderz or carly would want! I honestly can’t think of anyone I know that it would look good on, though 😐


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