Photo Journal: London & Stonehenge

What’s up guys!?  I’ve been to London and Boston in the past week, in case you weren’t already aware.  Boston’s Photo Journal is coming tomorrow, so in the meantime please enjoy my photos from London 🙂


PicMonkey Collage london2

Stonehenge!  This was such a cool experience, and probably the oldest thing I’ve ever seen.  These rocks have been here since between 2000 and 3000 B.C. and they aren’t really sure how they got there.  They’re obviously huge, so it would have taken an immense amount of manpower to get them to the middle of this field, then on top of each other.  Also, why?  I don’t know, we don’t know, but it was all very cool.





Buckingham Palace!  I had one sunny day in England and that entire day was spent getting to and from Stonehenge.  So everything else is shadowy unfortunately.  I snapped these while walking to Hyde Park from the hotel.  My wish is to get a picture of this building without so many people around.  If anyone knows of the best time to do that, please let me know!




Harrods!  Whenever I’m in London I make sure I go to Harrods.  Even though we have Saks here, it’s just such an experience to go to Harrods.  If there’s something I’ve been wanting, I usually hold off until my next trip to London so I can get it there.  It makes the item more special.  In this case, that item was a pair of sunglasses by Dior.  I’ve loved the “So Real”s since they’ve came out, but have held off on getting them.  I try not to buy anything too trendy: I hate spending money on something I won’t always be able to use.  These are just so cool, though.  I love the mirror portion on the top.  It’s really fun to wear these.




Food!  First of all, how cute is that jar?  There’s a cocktail in there, already mixed!  Genius.  I love it.  I also love myself some room service.  I really do.  On one of the worse weather days I came back to the hotel, got into comfy clothes, and ate a burger in the room.  Then I ran a bath and threw the petals from the rose on the room service tray in.  It was exactly my kind of afternoon.  I also went to Roka in Mayfair, which I’ve been to before and always love.  Another cool place where we went was Chiltern Firehouse.  It was definitely cool to eat American food in London.  It was also delicious!  I’m thinking about their cornbread right now 🙂
IMG_64621 copy


The Wallace Collection!  Wow, this was an experience.  This mansion used to belong to Richard Seymour-Conway, the 4th Marquess of Hertford.  I never knew what a Marquess was, but I googled it and it’s a noble rank just above an earl.  Anyway, this guy had an incredible art collection which was eventually given to the country when his son passed away.    I spent at least an hour walking through room after room of priceless pieces of furniture and art.  It kind of blew my mind, actually.  Like, oh, there in the corner there’s a priceless desk with three priceless sculptures on top of it next to a book case with 50 priceless books.  Cool.  It was actually kind of stressful, I felt like I could trip at any moment and my life would just be over.  I highly recommend checking this out, though.

Clearly, I never go too crazy when I go to London.  I’ve been there several times and each time I explore very casually.  I’ve never even been on the London Eye or seen Big Ben.  But I’m sure I will one day!  That’s the fantastic thing about living in New York: London is only 6 hours away!  Hope everyone’s having a beautiful weekend 🙂

All The Best,


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18 thoughts on “Photo Journal: London & Stonehenge

  1. I love your pictures! The same weather thing happened to me when I visited Ireland – we went to the Cliffs of Moher on the nicest day which was great, but the rest of the days were pretty cloudy. But if you’re going to have a nice day, it might as well be spent at outside attractions!

    Actually, I read an article about Stonehenge. There was an x-ray type thing conducted in the area and Stonehenge is just /part/ of a really large complex/village type of area that has been buried with time! I think Stonehenge was part of a spiritual thing, like an area where they did sacrifices or something, but that might just be older speculation.

    Anyway, your post is great! You’ve got some amazing photos here, I’ll live vicariously through you for your vacations, haha 🙂



    1. That’s kind of the trouble with the U.K., getting good pictures is difficult because you almost never get the warm light that makes them look so special. I was definitely lucky with the lighting in Prague.
      Stonehenge is fascinating, right? I read so many different theories on the nights I couldn’t sleep because of the time difference. Hopefully in our lifetime they’ll get more definitive answers. Thank you so much for chatting, girl 🙂


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