I won’t usually tell you what you must do or buy here on AllTheBestBeauty.  That’s not my thing.  I won’t tell you that you need to put stripes two shades darker than your skin on your face to look beautiful or that there’s “an oh-so covetable $45 lipstick that every glam girl on the go needs”.  No.  Who even talks like that?

I write this blog with my little sisters, my mom, and my friends in mind.  I write this blog from airport lounges, my sweet, sweet bed, and my parent’s home.  I write this blog because I want women to be informed about their beauty choices without feeling like they’re being tricked into buying things they don’t need.

If you’re into beauty reviews, I’ve got plenty of those.  Check out My Biggest Makeup Mistakes (here), or 5 Popular Mascaras Actually Swatched on my Lashes (here).  Or, if you’re more of a travel guy or gal, that’s awesome!  Check out my “Travel Stories” section to see where I’ve been.  You might like to see my pictures from Prague (here), Sri Lanka (here), or Boston (here).  If you’re looking for some affordable fashion from someone who wears both Vans and Christian Dior handbags on a regular basis, you can visit my “Style” section for a little inspiration (or, just click here!).  I also have New York City Stories, which capture my everyday life in the city through captioned photos.  You can find those here.

If you’re still reading let me just say one more thing!  I sincerely hope AllTheBestBeauty.com will be a helpful resource for you.  If you want to be friends forever, we can also chat on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Email.  My links are below!

Facebook: All The Best Beauty (here)
Twitter:  JuliaVCaruso (here)
Instagram:  ju_liacaruso (here)
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Email:  JuliaVCaruso@gmail.com
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