Essie Fall 2015 Collection

Before you get mad at me for rushing summer let me just tell you that I DIDN’T CHOOSE THIS!  But, this collection is out already so you might as well see how they look and apply on the nails.  You can buy them at Ulta (here) if you feel so inclined.

Bell Bottom Blues.  This is an iridescent blue.  What?  It doesn’t sound great, but the shade actually surprised me.  It applies really smoothly and only needs two coats!IMG_9319

Color Binge.  This is like MAC’s “Lady Danger” lipstick in nail polish form.  It doesn’t have an sparkle in it.  I love orangey-reds like this!  It’s another one that applied smoothly and didn’t need three coats.IMG_9322

Leggy Legend.  My first bronze nail polish, cool!  If you look closely, it seems like a mixture of gold and pink.  It looked slightly streaky on some nails, but there’s so much going on that it’s kind of hard to notice.IMG_9325

With the Band.  This is a quintessential fall color.  It reminds me of cranberries.  I like that it’s not a blue-red and it’s not too dark.  Even though it’s just a red nail polish, I feel like this is a pretty unique shade.  Idk, I usually don’t wear red or pink on my nails because I have enough pink in my skin and I feel that those colors emphasize it.  Tell me what you think!


In the Lobby.  This color reminds me of my catholic school uniforms.  It looks different on the nails than it does in the bottle, but in a good way.  This is a really pretty burgundy shade.  It’s a little thinner than expected, so you may want to apply three coats, or two thicker coats.


Frock n Roll.  This is described on Ulta’s website as a “taupe brown”.  Does this seem brown to you?  Seem pretty grey to me.  Either way, I like it!  It has a slight silver sparkle to it, which keeps it from being another dark almost-black color.  All of the formulas in this collection seem great.

My favorite is Leggy Legend!  Which is yours?  Also, isn’t it weird that there’s nothing about it on Essie’s website?  I’m not sure what’s up with that.  None of this is probably even real.  *Thank you* to my little sisters who let me use their hands in exchange for free nail polish.  Ya’ll are great.  Thanks for reading!!

All The Best,


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6 thoughts on “Essie Fall 2015 Collection

  1. I love these deep colours! My favourites are Frock & Roll and In The Lobby. I tend to find deep purple shades are really wearable all year round (not that I enter much into “seasons”, but on any skin tone/level of tan they look gorgeous!)


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