Photo Journal: NYC

I’m leaving for London tomorrow!  I’ve spent all week preparing my posts for the days that I’m gone, but I also managed to sneak some fun in, too 🙂 Please enjoy this week’s photo journal!

PicMonkey Collage5675675

My cousin was visiting from North Carolina, so we took our grandma out for lunch to restaurant in Battery Park City along the Hudson River.  It was such a fun afternoon.  Plus, my grandma brought her own sugar in her little LeSportSac bag.  How cute is that!

PicMonkey Collage789

Then we came back to my apartment and had some coffee before they drove back to New Jersey.  I love that the women on both sides of my family are so independent and well put together.  Look at those accessories, and those lips!!

PicMonkey Collage757575

Cousins eating.  Me, a popsicle from The People’s Pops while walking on the Highline.  Bernadette, a pretzel from a vendor outside of the Whitney Museum.  She came back into the city by train.  I met her at Penn Station and we walked back to Tribeca together.  It was the first time I ever walked the entire length of the Highline, which is an elevated pedestrian walkway along the west side that goes from the 30’s to 14th street.  It was really cool!
PicMonkey Collagekfkfkf

More cousins eating.  Bernadette was burned out, so she requested we stay in on Saturday night and veg.  I, of course, was down.  We ordered chinese food and watched Friends on Netflix.  Just as we were falling asleep I said the words “ice cream” and we woke right up.  We walked to Grom, an ice cream place in the West Village.  Then we walked to Washington Square Park to sit and chat for a bit.  It turned out to be really fun; it was a beautiful night and there were a bunch of performers there.  We sat for at least an hour listening to music and catching up.  I love having her here 🙂
PicMonkey Collage123

Thursday night my friend Gerianna and I were invited to dinner at Daniel, a formal French restaurant on the Upper East Side.  They have a private room that sits above the kitchen and that’s where we ate.  It was amazing to see all of the preparation that goes into one single dish.  Then we went to Lavo!  The private room can only seat four (it’s tiny!) so we met up with my sister and her friend afterwards.

PicMonkey Collage456

Don’t you love it when your sister shows up wearing your clothes? 😐  She drives me crazy but she’s so cute!  Plus she’s like a paparazzi so you always have good photos when you’re with her.  I’m going to be so sad when she starts school again in the fall!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  Let me know what you’re up to in the comments.  If you like posts like these, check out more in my Stories Section here!

All The Best,


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One thought on “Photo Journal: NYC

  1. Love the little Black dress you wore on the french restaurant. So classy and chic : ) . NYC is amazing FYI Jealous!


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