Morphe Brushes: Brush & Eyeshadow Review

I got these shadows for less than $1 each.  The brushes were just more than $1 each.  I shouldn’t expect much, right?  Well, I’ll have you know that I was pleasantly surprised by this purchase.  I’ve used this palette and these brushes for the past three weeks regularly and they’ve become a regular part of my beauty routine.  Let’s check them out 🙂




A close-up of this look, using only Morphe shadows

35 Color Matte Palette in “35N”, $19.99.  First of all, let me just say that I love when palettes contain many shadows in the same finish.  If I know I’m looking for a matte neutral, I don’t need to go digging through my palettes to find something; I know this one will have a shade that will work.  My little sister actually ordered this same palette.  Usually with less expensive shadows, you need to sacrifice consistency or pigmentation.  I was happy to find that these weren’t too dry and a lot of the shades are very pigmented.  I use a lot of these shades for transitions in the crease, so too much pigmentation would actually be a problem.  These have just the right amount for that.  The eyeshadow base you use will make a difference, so make sure you’re using one!  I’ve even heard that the E.L.F. shadow primer is great for only a few bucks.


Eye Brushes from the Sable Brush Set


Face Brushes from the Sable Brush Set

18 Piece Sable Brush Set, $39.99.  I was drawn to this set because of the big fluffy fan brush.  I don’t really use it, but the eye brushes have been awesome.  There are so many essential eye brushes in this set.  There’s one for the crease, eyebrows, inner corner, eye liner, and even one for the lips.  I washed mine when I first got them and didn’t notice any shedding.  They also didn’t smell radioactive like some less expensive brushes do sometimes.  That freaks me out.

I felt burned by Sigma when I bought their Performance Eyes Kit for 7 millions dollars (or 84) (review here) so I was afraid to take a chance with these, having never held them in real life.  If you’re on a budget I definitely recommend giving these a try.  I bought mine from Haute Look, spending about $40 in total.  They’re on there (what seems to be) pretty regularly, so keep an eye out for that.  I’ve also seen them at Ricky’s in New York in the past.  For more brush reviews click (here, Real Techniques) and (here, E.L.F.)  Do you have a blog, too?  Let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here)!

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