My Biggest Makeup Mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable.  By the time you’re about 80, you’ll have practiced enough to finally stop messing up, or you’ll just be too blind to see.  Either way, we should laugh at these mistakes.  We can all laugh at me right now.

I started bartending the month I turned 18.  This kicked my interest in makeup into overdrive because suddenly I was applying (what I considered) a full face of makeup almost every night.  I usually used “brun” eyeshadow by MAC to fill in my brows, but one day I decided to try something different before going to work.  I may have been a little heavy handed (I think I used black eyeshadow, seriously) because when I showed up for our pre-shift meeting my boss asked me what was up with my eyebrows in front of the entire staff.  So, I learned that your eyebrows shouldn’t enter the room before you do.  Fair enough.  I wish I could find some pictures from that night on my old laptop.  I know there were some.  Or maybe I’m just lying and would never, ever show you those pictures.

I constantly make the mistake of…

1  Applying mascara like a wild beast.  Sometimes when I finally finish my eyes I just want to get it over with already.  My poor lashes suffer as a result of this and my mascara winds up everywhere.  Spending thirty minutes defining a crease and shading a lid really stinks when it winds up getting ruined by one flick of mascara.

2  Using a dirty spoolie to correct mistake #1.  I’m sure we all know that you can wait for smudged mascara to dry and then pick it up with a spoolie.  Good as new.  Doesn’t really work when your spoolie has tons of eyebrow product in it though.  In fact, it’s really awful to do that.  And I do it all of the time.

3  Using too much blush.  I don’t do this anymore, but boy did I used to.  There’s really only a small area of your face that’s suitable for blush, and not only did I totally ignore this but I also applied a week’s worth.  I’ve since changed my ways.

4  Not sharpening my lip liner.  This is another lazy thing that makes a huge difference.  For a bold, sharp lip you really have to just sharpen the thing.  Sometimes I’m a brat and don’t do it, but then I always regret it.

5  Applying eyeshadow along my lashline in a sloppy fashion.  “In a sloppy fashion?”  Yeah, because idk, sloppily feels silly.  This usually happens the same days that I apply my mascara like a wild beast.  Because I’m just over it.  Whenever I look back at the pictures though, I wanna poke myself in the eyeball.  It’s such a simple thing that makes a big difference.

6  Putting on false lashes too soon.  Missing the window of opportunity to apply your lashes is annoying.  If you miss it and the glue dries, you now have an extra layer of glue you need to take off the lash AND you just wasted a bunch of product.  So, a lot of the time I jump the gun and put them on too soon.  The glue isn’t tacky yet, they don’t stick to your lids, and then the glue dries while they’re not even touching your lids.

7  Doing winged liner one eye at a time.  It can be scary to attempt a fiercely shaped wing.  The worst is when you have one amazing wing and one mutant wing.  The best way to avoid this is by doing each line at the same time on each eye.  I’m going to do a post on this subject this week, so you can see what I mean.  UPDATE: check out my “Winged Liner for Beginners” post with step by step application tips here!

I hope you can relate to this.  I can’t be the only applying my makeup like a fool!  If you do a post like this, tag me/link me/let me know, I wanna read!

All The Best,


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18 thoughts on “My Biggest Makeup Mistakes

  1. Ouch, that was harsh of your boss to draw attention to your brows in front of everyone! Tough lesson learned I guess.
    Sloppily is totally a word. Use it, embrace it. 😛
    I’m interesting seeing that upcoming post on the winged liner – mine never matches exactly, ugh.


  2. I do one wing at a time.. It’s not too much a disaster. . A very few times I won’t get a symmetry but still can fix it. However, I’m waiting for your next post , maybe I get better!


    1. Oh, yes, you definitely can do it that way! I, however… am a bit symmetrically challenged? So doing it one step at a time really helps me. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, though, and next thing I know I completed an entire eye when I meant to only apply one line. It drives me crazy when I do that!! I published the winged liner post today, though, if you’re interested 🙂


    1. We all joked around with each other at that job but being 18 and working in a bar (and not even being allowed to drink) already made me nervous so I was mortified that he called me out! It’s good though because I’ll never, ever make that mistake again!


    1. It is, isn’t it? I remember the first time I ever applied them myself, I applied them backwards, as in I put the fanned out part on my inner crease. I didn’t realize it until I was looking at pictures from the night and saw that my inner corner lashes were longer than my outer corner!
      The best thing to do, honestly, is make sure you’ve given the glue time and then apply with tweezers. It sounds kind of high maintenance, but it really helps with getting the lash band close to your own lashes. Also, make sure the lashes fit your eyes! I’ve seen so many friends struggle with cheapie eyelashes because they didn’t trim them to fit your eyes. I hope you can master it 🙂


      1. Thanks, honestly, my name is Samantha but I wanna name my daughter Samara, so I adopted it as my own name. Haha right now I’m using a my milani liner, but I use to use essence gel liner. Which I really love. Need to get a back up of it. I’m gonna check out your post right now. 🙂


    1. Me too! I think it’s always better to under-do it rather than over-do it when it comes to blush. No one ever looks natural with a ton of powder slapped on their face. Have you tried the Nars blushes? They’re so freaking pigmented, I get nervous everytime I use one!


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