Urban Decay Naked Smoky: Review, Swatches & 3 Looks


Let’s talk about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for a minute.  It can make us do some dumb things.  Instinctively, you know you’re not really into it but you also know don’t want to have to endure conversations and inside jokes knowing you’re on the outside.  This is how I felt about Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette (I always thought it was “smokey”, maybe because of Robinson and The Bear).  I hardly ever use my Naked 1 and 3 palettes anyway.  I knew this would be all over the place, though, and I didn’t want to feel that aforementioned FOMO.  So I pulled the trigger.  Let’s see if it was worth the money.



Top: Naked 1, Bottom: Naked Smoky

I won’t keep you in suspense, I don’t really love this one.  The Naked Palettes were so exciting originally because they were made to be all-in-one products; you didn’t need anything else to complete your eye looks and you could create countless variations.  I found it hard to do that with this palette.  Here are my two complaints.

1 It’s almost impossible to do an all-matte look with this palette.  Everyone has different methods, of course.  But! I really feel that the most important part of a smokey eye is not the darkest shade, but the shade just before the darkest shade.  The mid-tone brown or grey shade that lays the foundation for the darker colors in your smokey look is what keeps you from looking like a panda or a 12 year old who just got her first B&H 88 shades palette.  There is no such matte brown shade in this palette.  Like many adults, I don’t like to use too much shimmer on a regular basis, so this is a big problem for me.

2  The shimmery shades leave a lot to be desired.  To be more specific, they leave the shimmer that you desired in the pan and never actually on your eyes.  To get decent pigmentation, you need to use them wet or apply with your fingers.  I had E.L.F. shadows that performs better than some of these.  For such an expensive palette, this is a big letdown.  If I wanted a collection of crappy glitter and satin shades and a few mattes, I can find that for $3 at the drugstore.

Three simple looks using only the Naked Smoky Palette and swatches below.





I really don’t think you should spend your money on this, especially if you already have the original Naked palette.  The shades are gorgeous.  Really.  But the quality just isn’t there.  If you have it, let me know your thoughts!  If you missed my photo journal from Prague, check it out here!

All The Best,


6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked Smoky: Review, Swatches & 3 Looks

  1. Totally got that FOMO feeling haha! I really want this palette cause you can’t have the three Naked palettes without this one right… haha (thats my excuse anyway!)


  2. I felt this way about the Naked 2 palette as well. It is so hard to feel left out but this palette just doesn’t speak to me. I do love the looks you created though! That’s probably more to do with your artistry than this palette 🙂


  3. New subscriber here and I have to agree with you. I just did a side by side comparison of this palette with the UD Smoked palette on my blog, but even then I don’t feel this guy measures up. I totally bought it for the same FOMO reasons though, and I’m sorry for it! Great, great post!


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