Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Review & Swatches


This is a matte lipstick from the drugstore with a smudging tip at the other side.  You’re supposed to apply it to the inside of your lips and smudge it to the outer corners.  I think the rubber tip is nothing more than a way to make it “more than a regular lipstick” so they can charge “more than a regular lipstick” prices if I’m going to be really real with you guys.  Regardless, I think Maybelline’s Lip Studio Color Blur ($8.99 here) is a great drugstore product so I wanted to show you guys some swatches and give you a little review.



IMG_4228Wear Time.  Fantastic.  I wore this to dinner at Mr. Chow where I drank champagne and ate fried rice and I swear, I did not need to touch it up.  I did anyway, but I didn’t need to and that’s the point.

Comfort.  It’s a matte lipstick, so it’s not going to be creamy and delicious on your lips.  The application is very smooth, which made it very easy to create this ombre lip with both colors, but on the lips it feels dry.  Not any more dry than any other matte lipstick, mind you, just a regular amount of dry.  Certainly not the clay-feeling you get from MAC’s Retro Mattes (which I love, by the way).  I don’t mind it, in fact, I feel very comfortable knowing my lipstick isn’t going anywhere.

Pigmentation.  It’s definitely there.  Doesn’t take much to make it opaque at all.

Feathering!  It was a slight problem with the shade “Plum, Please” even though I used a MAC lip pencil (Vino).  Nothing devastating, just watch out for that.


For less than 10 bucks, I think this is a great product.  Let me know if you’ve tried them and how you liked them!  Share this with a friend who hates reapplying their lipstick, hates buying expensive lipstick, or hates applying clay to their lips!

All The Best,


6 thoughts on “Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur Review & Swatches

  1. Glad you reviewed these… I’ve been lusting after the My-My Magenta color, but the smudging thing was a bit too much for me when I love my traditional lipstick. Great to know it lasts though – it just might be perfect for longer lasting events! Thanks for the tips. 🙂


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