4 Important Packing Tips

Are we there yet?  No.  We haven’t even started packing yet.  But that’s the best part anyway, right?  Right.  It can take a lot of trial and error to finally strike a balance between having too little, having too much, and having it in the right place.  Please enjoy some of my favorite packing practices!

P.S. the featured image is from my most recent trip to Sri Lanka, which you can find here!

This was supposed to be the featured image but this dude photobombed me SO hard. Come on, man!

Always bring an extra layer in your personal carry-on.  No matter where how or when you’re going, make sure you bring a thermal shirt, light sweater, or my personal favorite, a scarf.  Planes can get chilly and you don’t want to make an already uncomfortable situation worse by shivering the whole time.  While you’re packing your carry-on bag, be sure to bring face wipes too.  With all of the recent talk about how filthy plane bathrooms are, it’s your best bet to refresh your face.

Don’t buy travel sized skin care products.  As you might imagine, you never get the best value when you buy smaller skin care products as opposed to the other giant options.  Instead, buy a bunch of small plastic containers (they’re usually between the sizes of a nickel or quarter) on eBay or Amazon and fill them with what you’ve been using lately.  You can buy 50 of them for 10 bucks here!  I don’t think you have 50 different skin care products (if you do please send me a selfie) but I like having these around because when friends come over I can give them samples of new cosmetics before they buy anything.  Don’t you wanna be my friend now?  But really.  This saves so much room in your liquids bag, making it easier to bring lots of sunscreen, bug spray, or whatever makeup you buy along the way.

Fold entire outfits together.  If I’m not packing drunk the night before (worst thing ever, don’t do it, you will be wearing a scarf as a top to dinner) I usually put my outfits together ahead of time.  For more than a few days, though, it can be tricky to remember which pants you packed for which shirt and all of that strategery was suddenly done in vain.  UNLESS!  You lay the entire outfit out, including undergarments, and fold (or roll) them as one.  Then you have one pile per day and picking an outfit is much more manageable.  Some people even put them in ziplock bags, but I can’t say I’ve ever taken it that far.

Never check anything valuable.  This may be a no-brainer, but it’s worth repeating.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve boarded a flight with a gaping shoulder bag containing another purse which is holding another purse.  Like Russian dolls.  I never check my expensive bags and I wear all of the jewelry I’m bringing right on to the flight.

I’m going to Prague this weekend, so I’ll probably write about what I’m bring in a separate post.  I’m going to try my hardest to take the bare minimum.  We all know an over-packer, don’t we?  (Mom, why did you check a bag so you can bring a full-size body lotion WHICH THE HOTEL PROVIDES?)  Share this with a friend who’s going on a trip soon!

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