Photo Journal: NYC

In such a city that can be so loud, busy, and even downright grumpy, it feels amazing to find a place where you can feel at peace aside from your home.  I first went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art shortly after moving home from Miami during college and I found that there.  The first time I went, I bought a membership.  On the weekends around 7pm are my favorite times to go, it’s always empty and it’s a nice way to end your day.  My friend Suzy was in town this week and asked me to take her there, since she’s never been.  I missed out on all of the Pride Week festivities over the weekend because I had a bad sinus infection, so a nice afternoon with my friend who I never get to see surely made up for it.  Please enjoy this week’s Photo Journal!

hUDSON River nyc
1.  I don’t know what or why this is, but it was on Hudson this weekend and it was awesome.  This boat knows how to party.
2.. Suzy Subway! This is the person who’s always writing sarcastic comments on my posts, you can find her at Somewhere Suzy.
3. Sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is “Act a little excited!” taken too far.
4.  Suzy had never been to the Met before, so we spent most of the day together there. This exhibition, China Through the Looking Glass, was incredible. It reminded me a lot of Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition in that the vibe was dark and dramatic most of the time.
5.  Dress by Vivienne Tam, Art by Andy Warhol featuring Mao.
6.  Dior Haute Couture circa 1998 on the mannequin and a Chinese silk robe circa 1862.
7.  My favorite part: clips of films and footage playing in the middle of the room.
8.  Suzy and the walls.
9.  So cool!
10.  Throwing coins in the fountain. Suzy took the opportunity to get rid of her foreign currency, she was so excited.
11.  The fountain in the Greek and Roman galleries.
12.  Up on the roof of the Met on the first day in July.
13.  Beautiful Sooz and the New York City skyline.
14.  When there aren’t any good pictures of you there’s usually at least one where you’re not looking at the camera that’s usable.
15.  Suzy made us go to Lilly Pulitzer on Madison Ave after the museum. I sat on the couches like a parent while she shopped.
16.  Fireworks on the Hudson this past weekend!
17.  This happened on Sunday night, I wasn’t expecting them at all! I was laying down on my couch reading WWD before bed and then suddenly I was being entertained! It was very cool.
17. Lots of fireworks. It’s amazing to watch them on a couch instead of wet grass and pebbles for a change!
18. They were being shot off a boat!
19.  A star!
20.  Brunch with Gerianna at the Club Room at the Soho Grand Hotel, one of my favorite places.
21.  Bellinis at Cipriani in SoHo, they have the best ones 🙂

I ‘m headed off to North Carolina to see my cousin!  Have a great Fourth of July my fellow Americans!

All The Best,


2 thoughts on “Photo Journal: NYC

  1. Hi Julia!
    My name is Iman (EE-MAHN). I really like your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. I have 2 questions for you:
    1. What blogs would you recommend for me to follow?
    2.What should I write my posts about?


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