June Fashion Favorites

Connecticut soccer mom, first lady, and Kate Middleton are all ways my friends have described my style.  In the past few years I’ve become very reserved in my clothing choices and I’ve started really loving classic styles and silhouettes.  If I can get them at a discount, even better.  If that’s your kind of thing, check out some of my favorite things I’ve been wearing this month!

Tiffany & Co. Initial Necklace
My sweet friend Gerianna gave my this Tiffany & Co. necklace for my birthday. It has a long chain and a “J” carved onto the heart. I have nothing like it and every time I wear it I feel happy thinking of my friend. Definitely a favorite this month and I’m sure for months to come!
J brand lucy
I’m very into delicate camisoles with interesting details this summer. This one by J. Brand ($150 here) is great because it has adjustable straps.  The front is just slightly sheer, while the back is more so as you can see above.  I’ve been wearing it under blazers, with jeans, and tucked into skirts/shorts.
ann taylor loft
I got this white blouse from Ann Taylor Loft while they were having a major sale. It’s a little sheer but it’s also very lightweight which is great for this humid weather in NYC. It doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but they have tons of tops like this online. I love it, I feel like Julia Roberts in the movie Closer.
Ann taylor Loft high rise Jeans
This was another find from my Ann Taylor Loft online purchase, which was my first experience with the brand. I’m amazed that these were only $35 (even less now, available here) and I actually prefer them over similar ones I have by Rag & Bone. The high waist means I never have to tug my shirt down when I wear these too which is a huge plus.
Another great thing about these pants, especially for us average height gals who usually have to cuff jeans, these have a cropped fit so they hit right at the ankle on me. I love the frayed hem, too.
aritzia stress dress sunday best
I spent hours in Aritzia one afternoon and tried on almost every dress in the store. I wound up finding this guy, who happened to be on sale for $30 (it still is – available here). It’s it great when your favorite thing also happens to be the only thing on sale? I’m a huge fan of this silhouette and the fit on this dress is great. It’s stretch, too, which makes it really comfortable to wear. I wore it to dinner and a nightclub one night this month and it was the perfect little dress.
zara camisole
My last favorite this month is this top from Zara (only $30 here). This chain detail is so understated, but interesting. It’s also kind of terrifying because if it gets caught on someone while you’re hugging them and it breaks, there goes your top. So there’s that.
Another great detail about this is the back. The chain continues to the back (it is basically the strap after all) which scoops just low enough to still hide your strapless bra.

I’m going to try to keep my Style section a little bit more current for you guys, since even I get sick of talking about makeup.  For Style click here and for Stories click here!

All The Best,


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