June Favorites!

I want to give each of these products an award.  It can take a lot to make me look presentable sometimes, and these guys do it regularly.  Let’s check out the products working hard behind the scenes of my selfies.

1  Simple Cleansing Micellar Water, $7.99.  The thought of taking my makeup off in bed sounded too good to be true, but now it’s not!  This is actually a water that takes off your makeup.  According to La Roche-Posay’s website, micelles are “tiny round balls of cleansing molecules” which clean the skin when they come in contact.  The consistency is no different than water, but it completely takes off even your eye makeup.  Best of all, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or sticky like some makeup wipes or eye makeup removers.  The Simple one is great because it’s inexpensive and they don’t add any horrible ingredients to their products so I always feel safe trying them out.

2  Soolantra Ivermectin Cream, 1%.  I’ve had rosacea for many years, but it never bothered me until my cheeks started getting the flesh colored bumps that a lot of people get. It started right around the time I started this blog (go figure) so I went to the dermatologist who prescribed Finacea.  That worked fine, but it stung my skin every single time I used it (which was every day).  I went back and she gave me this new medication which is working perfectly.  If you have the same problem, look into this because it’s very gentle on the skin.

3  Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme, $44.  I don’t exactly enjoy wearing a full coverage foundation, but as I mentioned a second ago I have rosacea which sometimes calls for something a little tougher than your average foundation.  I’ve been applying a (very!) thin layer of this under my MUFE HD Invisible foundation to even out my complexion and it’s been working great.  I don’t even need concealer with this stuff, which makes up for the fact that I’m wearing two foundations.  If you like a more matte look, you can mix it in with your foundation, but I like the dewy finish of the MUFE.

4  Essie Sand Tropez, $8.50.  This is an amazing taupe color that makes your fingers look like they go on for days.  I wanted this last summer in the worst way, I searched every Duane Reade I found.  It wasn’t until I was in an airport terminal at JFK (I think 5, I was flying domestic with Jet Blue) and found one inside an Essie vending machine.  Yes they have those and they’re really cool.  This one in particular has a smooth application, which is a pleasant surprise for an opaque nude-ish color.  It’s my go-to non-pink nude for the summer.

5  Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, $29.  In the wintertime my makeup clings to my skin like no other, but in the summertime my skin wants nothing to do with it.  This setting spray does an amazing job of keeping my makeup in place and on my face.  If you regularly have instances in which you want your makeup to stay on your face for more than a few hours, it’s definitely worth the investment.  Read more about setting sprays here.

6  Inglot Duraline, $11.  I would gladly pay more for this, it’s that good.  Not only does it make your products waterproof (good for if you have gel liner you love that isn’t already waterproof) but it also can turn a pigment into a liner.  I’ve been using this mixed in with my Maybelline Eye Studio eyeliner to make it smoother, which makes my lines more neat.  It can also be used as a primer for pigments, of course.  Considering it already saved me from having to buy a new eyeliner once mine dried out, it’s already paid for itself!  Touche, Inglot. (But 11 bucks is fine, don’t change a thing)

7  MAC Pressed Pigment in “Day Gleam”, $21.  With this, all I have to do is define the eye shape a little bit, dab this on my lids, then blend the crease and I’m good to go.  I was afraid that it would look too glittery on the eyes, but it actually looks very smooth.  I love that wet eyelid look for summer and this gives it to me in a few seconds.

8  Nyx Xtreme Shine Lip Cream in “Buttery Nude”, $5.99.  A lot of nude lip colors tend to be too cool-toned for my liking, but not this one.  It’s warm, wonderful and glossy.  I like that these last a long time and fade evenly, so it’s not a big deal when they do wear off.  You can read more about their sister, the Intense Butter Glosses here!

9  Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray, $18.  I was once getting my hair done for a shoot (it was for an artist who was painting me, definitely not a model of any sort) and the hair stylist sprinkled dust into my hair.  Whatever it was made my hair come to life so I asked her what in the world she just did.  She told me my hair is so soft and clean (I wasn’t dyeing it at that point and it had, and still has, no texture to it) that she used a texturizing dust to give it some grit.  I ran right out and bought the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (here) which works great, but you know what’s even better?  Something you can spray!  For months I’ve been loving this, especially when my hair is newly washed and limp.  I spray this then diffuse it with my fingers and it instantly gives my hair some volume and roughness.  It’s like a miracle product. Note: the bottle shown is a travel size, the full size is $18.

You may be wondering why I’m not actually wearing any favorites in my featured image.  I know, right?  I have a sinus infection at the moment and for the past three days my face looks puffy and terrible.  I’ve tried, but every photo is awful so I had to dig through my graveyard of pictures on my computer.  Sorry about that!  Let me know what your favorites this month were in the comments!

All The Best,


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