Photo Journal: NYC & NJ

Love won this week!  Gay marriage is finally legal in all 50 states and I feel so proud to be American.  I’m also so happy to be a New Yorker, where all orientations are celebrated and the gay community is so vibrant.  Pride Week is starting here and it’s been so fun to see the ways different restaurants are participating.  My friend Juan also came to visit from Miami this week and stayed with me.  We met when I lived in there and he hadn’t been to New York in years, so it was fun to see him in a different city!  We ate pizza late at night and fell asleep on the couch and watched Seinfeld on Hulu.  I had never seen a single episode, so I finally got to catch up on 23 years of jokes that had gone straight over my head.  It was fantastic!  Please enjoy this week’s photo journal 🙂


1.  Juan and I had lunch on a lawn in Central Park early in the week.  It’s definitely not South Beach (as Juan pointed out) but it’s the closest thing we have!


2.  These sneakers have been to Haiti with me, we’ve sky dived together, and I even stepped in cement (accidentally) in them.  I have a feeling they’re going to break soon and I’m going to be real bummed!  Maybe the cement all over them will help, though.


3.  Juan and I rented bikes and took them around Central Park.  No one warned us there would be so much uphill action, though.  I was definitely looking for more of a casual cruise.  Damn.Pera Soho Brunch

4.  Brunch at Pera Soho, a new Mediterranean place.  It was delicious!  And such a beautiful dining room, too.  My sister and her friend teased me relentlessly because this place is walking distance from my apartment, but I took us on a route that was twice as long and just didn’t make any sense.  My sense of direction is truly exceptional.

Studio Photography5.  Shooting children’ clothes for a wholesaler.  Kids clothes always kind of creep me out.

6.  Lunch at Parm in NoLiTa, which was unbelievable!  Is this picture gross though?  Sometimes I think food pictures are disgusting, but it’s hard for me to tell because this sandwich was delicious.


7.  Dinner at one of my favorites, Daniel, on Thursday night.

Watchung Reservation

8.  I was with my family on Father’s Day in New Jersey.  My mom and sister were studying together (my mama’s getting a Masters Degree and my little sister is in college, both studying nursing) so my dad took me and my sister out.  We didn’t know where we were going when we left, which is why I’m wearing white jeans in a forest and my sister’s wearing flip flops.  Those shoes are ruined but it was a beautiful day!washington rock

9.  An old lady offered to take a picture of the three of us.  She pressed every button but the shutter button, but she got it eventually!

10.  At Washington Rock, where George Washington used to come to check out the whereabouts of the British troops.  You can see from Manhattan to Central Jersey from up here and it’s a really beautiful sight.
washington rock june

11.  Finally taller than this guy!  I couldn’t possibly ask for a better father 🙂


12.  Monday night at one of my new favorite places, Dirty French, with friends from Miami and Boston.  How cool is this knife!

costa riche mac13.  Mac Costa Riche Eye Kohl is my bff, my soul mate, my one and only (right now).

14.  Tuesday night went from torrential downpour to this incredible sunset.  I’m hoping for a sunnier July 🙂

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading!

All The Best,


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