Smudge-Free Summer: Waterproof Makeup

People who wear makeup to the beach: did you also have perfect attendance in school?  Do you have your meals picked out for the next 7 days?  Can you come over and organize my closet?  I just came home from a bar at the Standard Hotel with zero makeup on my face, so you had better believe I’m not going to be concerned with my waterline when I’m rolling around in the sand.  For those who are, this post is for you.  I’m not hating, I’m just mystified.  I want to know more about your life.  For now, let’s have a chat about some great waterproof makeup products for all of you overachieving beach goddesses out there.

Eyeliner.  Stila ($20) makes a fantastic liquid eyeliner, which I talked about in  a run-down type post about such things (here).  Marc Jacobs ($25) makes a great pencil in lots of pretty colors that does not budge, at all.  But it doesn’t really apply nicely to the waterline, which is a buzz kill, especially for 25 bucks.  I’m really impressed with MUFE’s Aqua Eyes ($19), which stays nicely in my waterline and doesn’t bother my contacts.  For a gel liner, you can’t go wrong with Maybelline’s Eye Studio Gel Liner ($9.99) which is comparable to MAC’s fluidline in “blacktrack”, but a little bit better because I’ve found it stays blacker longer.

Foundation.  When it comes to a long wearing foundation, I’ve found nothing better than MAC’s Pro Longwear ($32).  This stuff is really for real.  I have to use a little extra muscle when washing my face after wearing this foundation, but it’s worth it because it holds up so nicely.  Another foundation that sticks around all night is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear ($37).  It’s not technically waterproof, but it’s fantastic, especially for oily skin.  For a drugstore option, Revlon Color Stay ($12.99) gives full coverage and has a great reputation for durability.  I haven’t personally tried it though.  Drugstore foundations are so expensive here (I saw L’Oreal’s Infallible foundation for $19 the other day.  What!?) so it makes it hard to take a chance with new formulas and shades.  Womp.

Concealer.  Again, MAC Pro Longwear!  If you just spent half of the day convincing your office that you’re not hungover and you’re totally into it, you don’t want your dark circles peeking through at 2PM to give you away.  That’s why this concealer ($20) is the bomb.  I know a ton of people (especially MAC makeup artists) who use this all over their face as foundation.  Another great waterproof concealer is “Bye Bye Under Eye” by It Cosmetics ($24).  I find it a little sticky/heavy for regular use, but for all-day use it really does the trick.  Tarte also has a waterproof concealer ($23), as well as a ton of other waterproof products (even bronzer).  I haven’t tried the concealer, but the full coverage foundation is great (if you don’t mind a thicker consistency) and comes in 25 shades.  If you’re in search of a new concealer, check out what I have to say here.

Eyeshadow.  N.Y.C. recently came out with water proof eye shadow sticks ($3.49) which I bought, but haven’t had a chance to really try out.  When it comes to keeping your eye makeup around, your best bet it to use a cream base and set it with eyeshadow.  The primer you use here is really important.  I haven’t found anything better than MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($21) as a base for my shadow.  It totally mattifies the area and evens out the redness on my lids.  You can also use these alone, or as a blush/highlighter.  I used Rubenesque as a highlighter for years before Sephora started selling 75 different highlighting products.  It takes a little extra time to blend, but the staying power can’t be beat.  For less of an investment, definitely look into L’Oreal’s Infallible Eyeshadow ($7.99), which has a lot of dupes and gives the most beautiful metallic finish.  These waterproof shadows are really impressive when it comes to wear-time, too.

So, next time you’re at an outdoor bar and an idiot is shaking a bottle of champagne, rest assured.  You’ve got this!  Or maybe you just cry/sweat a lot.  It’s okay, life is hard sometimes.  With the right products, you won’t be checking the mirror all night for fear of a melted face.

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