Photo Journal: NYC

This week my little sisters took a break from classes and beach bars to come hang out in the city with me.  They’re so sweet and easy to be around, and we have a lot of fun together.  If they could just come and live with me year round like my little pets, my life would be complete.  This week was a little cloudy and grey, but the weekend was beautiful!  Please enjoy my weeks in photos 🙂

1.  We took pictures with film one day in my Digital Photography class at FIT.  I look like a twelve year old.


2.  Dinner at one of my favorite places, Tao Downtown.  How cute are the chopstick holders!  All of the managers there are so cool, they always make reservations for us last minute.  I went there twice this week so I am fortune cookied out!


3.  A sunny day up near harlem, walking along Central Park.


4.  Brunch at Bubby’s in Tribeca with my little sisters.  We all woke up in my apartment in the morning and the first thing we said was “Bubby’s”!  We ate yogurt with granola and bacon egg and cheese.  So delicious after a long night out.


5.  Afternoons in Tribeca are so nice.  Really.  When I moved from Chelsea I mainly wanted to live in SoHo, but couldn’t find anything I liked.  So I moved to the northern part of Tribeca (a few blocks from SoHo), thinking I would still spend most of my time in SoHo.  I actually love my neighborhood, though.  It’s such a great mix of young people and families, and there are parks everywhere.  Three cheers for Tribeca!IMG_8267

6.  Cloud art!  We never figured out what it was all about, but we think it said “someone” is a smileophile.  Why someone paid money for that, I have no idea.


7.  Hanging out on the rooftop with my little sisters under the sun 🙂


8.  Taking portraits in my digital photography class at FIT.


9.  Wearing Bite Beauty lipstick in Palomino and Colour Pop eyeshadow in LaLa.

10.  Dinner at Carbone with my little sisters, Anna and Amanda.  They brought their selfie stick to this fancy restaurant.  They crack me up.IMG_3979

11.  Working on a project for my photo styling class.  We wanted to do a “morning after” look, so we mixed vanilla extract with shampoo to make a thick liquid to look like a spilled drink.  Here we were just setting up the lighting. VO-Q2w41kPs2zSPHntTeXjGXQ9N2wDGWsph5yz6njAE,Qz9DQHk6sZh7tVylMrDkTXqTmEKc8e8MMVPxfN11dJI,fLZzcLNpwQVOOniyWiMKpNAcu2cf1QwCDSSMhe0O2HE

12.  The final photo.  This is exactly how I wake up after a night out, my heels are always kicked off right at the door.  No man’s number with spilled shampoo, though 🙂

IMG_395113.  My little sister took this before getting on the subway to go home.  I love this Baron Von Fancy billboard, I see it almost every day and smile.

What are your weekend plans?  Let me know in the comments!  If you want to see how I never pay full price for my makeup, click here!  Have a great weekend and happy Father’s Day if you happen to be a father reading this!

All The Best,


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