Photo Journal: NYC feat. Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge

Pictures like these really make me think about how fortunate (dare I say #blessed?) I am in my life.  My friends are great, my family is the best, and New York City is incredible.  I’m really happy I can document these memories and I hope you enjoy!

Ballet in Bethesda Terrace CEntral Park

1.  A dancer infront of Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.  I kept thinking about how badly her feet must hurt, dancing around on those bricks.


2.  Beautiful Flowers in Central Park.  I’m so happy that person sitting didn’t catch me behind that bush.


3.  Strawberry Fields in Central Park.


4.  Dedication Plaque in Strawberry Fields.IMG_6872

5.  Bethesda Terrace in Central Park.  I hadn’t been here since I was probably 10 years old!


6.  I love nice message on park benches.  Imagine being referred to as “Grubby” your whole life, though.


7.  Dessert at Stanton Social on the Lower East Side.  The most delicious sundae and adult birthday cake shots!


8.  With my beautiful friend V, wearing MAC’s Relentlessly Red lipstick like it’s going out of style lately.  I’m not sure why my forehead is fading into nothingness, though.

9.  A gorgeous sunset and some hydrangeas 🙂


10.  It’s been so cold at night, a sweater turtleneck is surprisingly appropriate.  And also very itchy.

DSC0519711.  My little sister is old enough to drink and it’s blowing my mind!!  We went out together this past Friday and she raided my closet in typical lil sis fashion.

Boom Boom Room The Standard NYC

12.  Having drinks at Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel.  Some guy asked us if we were celebrating Moroccan Independence day.  How’s that for a pick up line?  I googled it and that holiday takes place in November.

13.  Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge.  The upper level has a pedestrian walkway, it’s a nice walk to take around sunset just watch out for bikes!

Brooklyn Bridge NYC

14.  The American flag on the Brooklyn Bridge.


15.  The sun setting next to the Freedom Tower.

16.  I didn’t realize people attached love locks to the Brooklyn Bridge.  It reminded me of the Pont des Arts in France, which they’re replacing with plexiglass soon 😦

17.  Sunset on the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’m so happy to have another week of discovering New York City under my belt.  I feel slightly stir crazy not having gone anywhere in the past month, but it’s also so nice to feel settled somewhere.  What are your plans for this weekend?  Let’s follow each other on BlogLovin, too (here)!  Check back tomorrow for a post about Laura Mercier’s foundation primers.

All The Best,


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