How To Make Your Own Body Scrub: 3 Variations

I’m not exactly Martha Stewart, but even I know when it’s worth taking a few minutes to save yourself thirty bucks.  Giving yourself a good scrub down is the best way to give your body a beautiful, touchable glow.  Since you probably already own the necessary ingredients, there’s no need to go out and buy one, either.  Here are the three kinds of scrubs I like to make myself.

Sugar or Salt?  Both are easy to find, or probably already in your pantry.  If you like your Lush body scrubs, go for “fine sea salt”, which is what they use.  If you have sensitive skin, use sugar which is less drying and softer.  For an even gentler scrub, take those coffee grinds out of the filter and get to work.

Proportions.  I don’t follow an exact recipe for this.  I just fill the jar halfway with oil then add sugar/salt and more oil accordingly until it’s nice and thick.   Not only are mason jars more Pinterest-y (heh) but they’re also easier to shake up when the oil separates from the salt/sugar.  It’s much harder to do this with a tub.

how to make your own body scrub coffee and lemon

Easy Peasy + Reduce, Reuse Recycle!:  Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub

If you have very sensitive skin you will really enjoy this gentle scrub.  You’ll also like that none of these scrubs have artificial fragrance!  After making your morning coffee (it’s better to have used grinds) just mix some of this in a bowl along with coconut oil and take it in the shower with you.  I like coconut oil because it has that slight coconut scent.  I throw some lemon zest in there too to counteract the strong coffee smell.  If you don’t have a drain stopper or live in a very old building, this may clog your pipes so proceed carefully if that’s the case.  I live in a large, newer building and haven’t had any problems.  For more coconut oil tips check one of these out (Coconut Oil for your Hair and Nails) (Coconut Oil for your Skin) (Summerize your Foundation) and (How to Make your Hair Long & Lush).


Spend 5 Minutes Playing Chemist:  Essential Oil Body Scrub

Think about if you shower in the morning or evening and which scents are suited for that time.  Peppermint is so invigorating so I really like using it in the morning.  I also love lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.  You can get essential oils at Whole Foods, health food stores, and Amazon.  For a base, you can use whichever oil you’re into or have around (I used Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E).  Your shower floor may be slippery after applying, so be careful with this.

How to make your own scrub rosemary lemon

Cook Yourself Up A Nice Glow in 15 Minutes:  Infused Olive Oil Body Scrub

I love the smell of lemon and rosemary.  You can zest a lemon or throw a few sprigs into your concoction, but then you have to worry about the shelf life of your scrub.  I recently started infusing the oil with the flavors, rather than putting them directly into the mix.  Infusing the olive oil couldn’t be easier and it doesn’t have to be olive oil.  Just heat together (for citrus fruits cut the peel into pieces, avoiding the white part on the inside) on low for about 10 minutes in a sauce pan and let it cool.  I hate flowery scents and love smelling like focaccia so this is my favorite scrub.  The good thing about using olive oil as opposed to another oil for this, though, is that you can make a lot and bottle the leftovers for salads, popcorn, whatever.

The best thing about using an oil based scrub is that after you’ve exfoliated, you’re ready to shave and you don’t even need a shaving cream.  Plus, microbeads are killing us.  I’m not joking, read more here.  For more shaving tips, click here.  Let’s follow each other on BlogLovin, too (here).  Big thanks to my friend Stephanie Raspa for helping me out!  Happy scrubbing!

All The Best,


13 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Body Scrub: 3 Variations

  1. I’ve been mixing coconut oil and turbinado sugar together for a simple sugar scrub! I don’t have a recipe either. I just put coconut oil in a bowl and mix in the sugar little by little till I like the consistency. And put it in a wide mouth mason jar. I love it, (but it does make my shower floor a little slippery.)


  2. I have been using one of these body scrubs for the past few weeks. As someone who has always had sensitive skin, me complimenting any skin products is a HUGE deal! Well, I absolutely love it. My skin is not only doing well, but also feels amazing……Also, this is great idea for a gift! Instead of buying a bath & body works basket, make your own products. It’s more personal and honestly the results are really that much better!

    Thanks Julia for making me feel beautiful!!


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