Shaving Tips for a Smooth Summer

If you’re looking for the kind of smooth that makes you pull your leg out at dinner and make everyone there touch it immediately, All The Best Beauty’s got you covered.  All of us hate razor burn and some of us make mistakes while shaving that require very easy fixes.  So go ahead and spend a glorious five extra minutes in the shower if you have to, your partner will thank you when the tiny swords that were stabbing him/her last night are gone today.

First off, what are you using?  Here are some of the ways your tools may be the problem:

Your shaving cream is wrong for you.  A shaving cream should do two things: create a barrier between the bad and your skin and also hydrate your skin.  If you have sensitive skin or experience a lot of razor burn after shaving, the fragrance in your shaving cream could be the cause.  Fragrance can be very irritating on the skin, especially after shaving.  If you really like using shaving cream, just look for one without fragrance.  Edge makes one (here) and so does Kiss My Face (here). I think you’ll be surprised when your legs don’t sting post-shave.

You use body wash.  Some body washes do have Shea butter and organic oils, which are great, but they’re usually filled with fragrance and other harsh stuff.  As you know by now, fragrance isn’t good for tender skin.  If you run out and you just need something, try using your conditioner.  The nourishing ingredients in conditioners soften the hair, making it easier to shave and doesn’t have the harsh ingredients in shampoos that may cause inflammation.

What to use instead.  My favorite option is coconut oil.  This is so cost-effective, it’s incredible.  It’s also incredibly hydrating, the kind of hydration that stays on your skin long after your shower is over.  On top of that, it’s very thin which makes for an intensely close shave.  The only problem is that it can make your shower a bit slippery so be very careful.  You can choose to use this only when you’re in a bath if you have that option.  I deal with this by standing outside the stream of water and applying it sparingly to areas I’m going to shave.  Don’t pull out a big scoop while you’re still under the water because this will cause a mess!  And it would also be tragic if a loved one had to find you completely naked (and maybe hairy) passed out in your shower.  If you’re looking for more uses for that jar of coconut oil you bought and haven’t even opened, check out one of my many posts about it (Coconut Oil for your Hair and Nails) (Coconut Oil for your Skin) (Summerize your Foundation) and (How to Make your Hair Long & Lush).

I also like to use CeraVe’s hydrating cleanser for shaving cream.  I had been using it a face wash, but recently stopped when I found it wasn’t giving me a deep clean.  I may go back to it in the winter because it really is hydrating.  It doesn’t foam at all.  But it does create a barrier and it does hydrate which makes it an A+ as a shaving cream in my book.  If you have some cleansers that aren’t drying (don’t leave that tight feeling on your face) and don’t have fragrance but just didn’t work for you, try using them in your shaving routine to save a few dollars.

Your razor is old.  You can imagine your skin won’t exactly be thrilled if you’re dragging a rusty, dull blade across it every few days.  Don’t do that to yourself!

If you’ve got all of this down, the question is then are you doing things in the correct order?

Wait until the end of your shower.  Just like the manicurist who soaks your cuticles before clipping them, you should let your body soften up a little before shaving.  Because soft things are easier to cut, in case you didn’t know.

Exfoliate first.  Have you ever noticed your razor gets clogged with hairy gunk and it stops performing?  You can avoid this by exfoliating those dead skin cells off your skin before you shave and you’ll get a closer shave.  Exfoliating regularly will also help with in-growns.  If your scrub is oil-based, your skin is already primed for shaving too.  Your scrub doesn’t have to be expensive, either.  Check back this week to see how you can make your own body scrub that’s just as good as the high end stuff.

Hit every angle when shaving underams.  Usually “they” say to shave with the hair’s growth, then against the hair.  This never had much of an affect on my skin, so do with that what you may.  Angle does, however, matter when it comes to underarms.  I’m guessing this is because hair grows in all sorts of funky patterns in that area.  A cross followed by an X should  take care of every last hair.

All it takes is a few tweaks to your shaving routine and you may find yourself with a smoother and closer shave.  I was never a very attentive shaver, nor am I a light haired gal, so I’ve had laser hair removal and loved every moment since.  I may do a post on the laser hair removal process if you guys are interested.  Let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here) and come back tomorrow for a run down of popular high end primers!

All The Best,


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