Photo Journal: NYC

I spent half of this week barely able to walk.  My friend Nicki insisted on taking me to Soul Cycle for the first time over the weekend.  It was like spending a Saturday morning in a dark, fiery hell for 45 minutes and then spending Saturday afternoon with ringing ears.  I’m glad I went but I’m not sure it’s exactly my thing.  I also went to the Whitney Museum which reopened the first of the month after years of construction.  Every little detail inside the building is so nicely done, I highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in the area.  The outdoor areas make for a really fabulous experience.  Enjoy some photos from this week!

1.  Hanging out after the fire alarm went off at F.I.T.


2.  My first time at the Whitney (it just opened).  What a beautiful museum!  It’s so cool that they have couches off to the side to rest.  I wanna take my grandma when she visits the city in a few months!

The Whitney Museum NYC

3.  The floors were my favorite part of the Whitney Museum, look at that gorgeous wood.

The Cafe at the Whitney NYC

4.  The cafe at the Whitney.

Outdoor Gallery Whitney Museum nyc

5.  A patio at the Whitney.

freedom tower and the Whitney museum nyc

6.  The Whitney has a bunch of outdoor galleries, so be sure to go on a nice day.

Christian Dior Be Dior Blue and Orange

7.  It was a really hot, but beautiful afternoon!

Bubbys Highline

8.  Having lunch at Bubby’s Highline after going to the Whitney.  I love it there.

Ralph LAUREN Ricky Bubbys highline
9.  My beautiful friend, Gerianna.  I love her sunglasses and Ricky bag.

Bubbys highline meatpacking10.  Meatpacking District.

Gansevoort Market nyc11.  At Gansevoort Market, a refurbished warehouse with a bunch of food vendors.

Hudson River Park

12.  Purple flowers along Hudson River Park on a rainy day.

Hudson river park nyc

13.  A foggy day in New York City.

tRIBECA Saturday Greenmarket nyc14.  Walking through Tribeca Saturday Greenmarket after Soul Cycle.  My legs felt like jello for days.

Felix brunch in soho nyc

15.  Brunch in SoHo after Soul Cycle.
makeup winged liner balm stain16.  A soft cut crease look with winged liner from this week.

If you like posts like these, visit my Stories section (here).  I hope everyone’s had a fantastic week and we all enjoy our weekend!

All The Best,


6 thoughts on “Photo Journal: NYC

  1. Love your makeup and outfit! I’ve never tried Soul Cycling but my sister has tried something similar and her trainer really pushes hard! haha I can only imagine how sore you must have been afterwards. 😉


  2. I HATE spinning classes. HATE them. Ugh. That’s all I have to say really. lol
    Whitney Museum has a bit of a Scandanavian feel.
    Thanks for taking us along on your day. 🙂 I guess NYC is different for visitors vs living there.

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