Balm Stains feat. Wet n Wild & Revlon


Either way you look at it, you’re getting a great lipstick for under $10.  We’re all winners here.  But what exactly is a balm stain?  It’s basically a lipstick for people who want soft lips but still want their lipstick to stay on their face.  As I’ve probably mentioned, a little color on your lips does a world of good towards making you look a little more put together.  No one needs to know that 20 minutes ago you were asleep and now you’re at work sitting at your desk.  Plus, the color stains the skin which means the lipstick fades evenly and still leaves a wash of color once it’s gone.  You don’t need to touch up if you don’t want to.  Let’s compare two affordable options.


In descending order, “Coral of the Story” by Wet n Wild, “Made You Pink” by Wet n Wild, “Smitten” by Revlon, “Rendezvous” by Revlon



“Smitten” by Revlon

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain, $6.89.  I gave a full review with many swatches (here) already, so here are the highlights:  I love the way these feel on my lips.  They have a wet sort of look to them without being glossy or sticky.  Even after taking photos of lip swatches, which involved putting the different shades on and taking them off, my lips still feel more hydrated than usual.  They have a definite minty smell to them, which I enjoy.  Because of the buildable formula I can lightly line my outer lip with this, then fill it in and the balmy texture allows me to wipe away any mistakes without making a mess.  I don’t need a lip liner with this, with adds to the convenience factor.  I’ve put these on in a cab more times than I can count.


“Made You Pink” by Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain, $2.99.  This product is also glossy without feeling sticky.  I don’t know how they do it, but I’m fascinated.  I was wearing one today, actually, and brushed my teeth while it was still on my lips.  When I saw my toothbrush covered in pink I was very confused: I totally forgot I had put this on 30 minutes ago.  That’s how light it feels on the lips.  These balm stains offer medium coverage.  Your lips won’t be totally opaque so don’t expect to pull off a bold lip.  For this reason, I suggest you choose a color that’s already similar to your own lip color.  I look forward to the color range expanding on this product because right now it’s so-so.  If you like light washes of color and hate touching up your lipstick, I definitely recommend you pick one of these up for $3.

Are there any new (or old!) products you’re interested in?  Let me know and I’ll review them! I love when you guys have suggestions for posts.  Come back tomorrow for a Photo Journal of NYC and let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here)!

All The Best,


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