Keep Your Makeup On Your Face feat. Finishing Sprays

I’ll be honest with you guys, I love a good smelling face.  But if I’m going to be putting out money for a finishing spray, I like for it to do a little more than make my face smell like a cucumber.  Working in a night club for the past few years has really forced me to constantly be looking for ways to prolong the life of my makeup.  Anyone who’s done similar work will understand this: you work in extreme temperatures (freezing when the place just opens, 1 million degrees once it’s full), you’re around liquids and sweat, and you’re there until 5am.  When those lights come up, you don’t want to be the person with a ring of lipliner around your lips and glitter eyeshadow on your cheeks.  Luckily, there are products that will help your makeup stay put.  Here’s a look at some popular finishing sprays and what their best uses are.


Mac Fix +,  $22.    I use this so much that it feels like my room mate.  The bottle is one of my favorite things about this spray.  It has that signature MAC nozzle that can turned to a sort of “off” position when not in use, it sprays a very fine mist, and comes in a smaller size ($10) to keep in your bag.  And this is the kind of product you’ll want to keep in your bag because it feels so refreshing.   I hate wearing makeup for more than 4 hours, but when I have to this is great way to perk up your skin.  It can be sprayed on eyeshadow in order to intensify pigmentation, or used as a hydrating toner.  It does have some fragrance, but I’ve found that my makeup acts as a barrier, keeping it from irritating my skin.

Note: This is more of a refreshing finishing spray than a tool for longer lasting makeup.  It sets the makeup nicely and gives the skin a beautiful finish, but it doesn’t claim to make your makeup last longer and I haven’t found that it does.nyx dewy finish spray

Nyx Cosmetics Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray, $7.99.  For people who feel their skin is dry and dull, this is a great temporary solution.  It doesn’t have the caffeine, cucumber extract, or green tea extract that MAC’s Fix + has, so it lacks some of the benefits of the more expensive product.  To me, it smells like rubbing alcohol which triggers memories of getting shots at a doctor’s office.  A child’s scariest memories.  Nyx’s spray costs about $4/oz while MAC’s costs $6.40/oz, so it’s up to you whether you want to spend a little more for better ingredients.  The good news is that both will give your skin and makeup a beautiful dewy finish.


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $30.  The mist is extremely fine, it can’t be felt on the skin when it dries, and it keeps your makeup on your face.  I’ve never noticed a tight or sticky feeling with this, which some users of Model in a Bottles have complained of.  I also like that it’s offered in a small bottle (good for people who only need it for special occasions like weddings).  People with oily skin or those who live in warm climates would enjoy the De-Slick and Chill versions.  For people trying to cover tattoos or wearing body makeup, this is a great way to avoid transfer onto clothing.

skindinavia makeup finishing spraySkindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, $29.  This is virtually the same product as the U.D. All Nighter Spray.  A quick glance at the ingredients will show that they’re 99% similar.  U.D.’s spray was actually made in partnership with Skindinavia (with Skindinavia having made their product many years earlier).  When I ran out of my full sized bottle of Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray, I decided to try out the original: Skindinavia.  Their products are similarly priced, but Skindinavia often runs specials on their website.  I bought the full size bottle for $1 less than the Urban Decay bottle and also received two .5 ounce sprays, one for priming and one for setting for free.  Similar sizes from Urban Decay cost $14 each.  Between the two, Skindinavia is usually the better value but Urban Decay’s spray is priced similarly to other setting sprays, so you can’t go wrong.  I notice that it’s actually a little harder to take off my makeup when I use these, which is strangely gratifying: these sprays work.

Share your opinions about these in the comments, I love to compare stories!  Also, let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here).  If you missed my post yesterday about Essie’s Summer 2015 Collection, check it out here!

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