Essie Summer 2015 Collection

Now that nail polish is less expensive than fancy juices I feel totally justified in springing for the good stuff.  Having beautiful fingernails can totally change your day, and I don’t care what anyone says about it.  For me, one sure-fire way of cheering myself up is painting my nails an interesting color.  It’s one of those things that, though it may sound silly, can really pull a look together.  For summer colors, Essie’s always been a hit in my book.  They’ve made some summer staples that I’ll always love like “Bikini So Teeny”, “Fiji” and “Turquoise and Caicos”.  If you’re in the market for one such summer staple, or just a little pick me up, here’s a guide through Essie’s latest releases.

PeachSide Babe

Peach Side Babe, $8.50.  I couldn’t find this online (the entire collection is sold out on but did see it in a few stores.  This is like the “Tart Deco” I always wanted, but never bought.  Applies in opaquely in two coats, but can be just a little streaky.  I’d say it’s worth the purchase.

Essie Sunset Sneaks

Sunset Sneaks, $8.50.  This reminds me of MAC’s Relentlessly Red lipstick, which is a current favorite.  It’s slightly red but definitely pink and applied very nicely.  Only two coats needed.

Saltwater Happy

Saltwater Happy, $8.50.  This color is fantastic.  It’s kind of like “Bikini So Teeny” but without the micro flecks of glitter.  It’s the tiniest bit streaky, but if you can overlook that then it’s worth a try.
Chillato Essie

Chillato, $8.50.  I really like this shade.  It reminds me of key lime pie, which is delicious.  It’s not as opaque as I’d like though.  You definitely need three coats and even then, the finish is not exactly smooth.  Zoya does makes a similar shade if I’m not mistaken though, if you’re really interested in the color.

Private Weekend Essie

Private Weekend, $8.50.  A white nail polish with a shimmery finish, awesome.  I really wanted to like this.  Like I said in my post about Nails Inc. x Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung (here) I love how eye-catching white polish can be, but hate that the flat finish reminds me of white-out.  The shimmer helps to counteract that effect, but the consistency is lousy.  Even with three coats, it’s streaky and it takes forever to dry.

pret a surfer Essie

Pret-a-surfer, $8.50.  This is my favorite of the bunch.  It applies really nicely and you only need two coats.  Plus, it’s a really pretty color.  For a blue polish, it is surprisingly understated.  If you’re in the market for a nice pop of color but don’t want to go crazy, this is something to look into.

What are some of your all time favorite Essie polishes?  Let me know!  I have a very interesting memory in that if you name a polish that I own, I can tell you which months I wore it and what I was doing during that time.  I’m not sure that it’s normal to have emotional attachment to nail polish colors, but I guess there are worse problems to have.  Also, let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here)!  Thank you to my little sisters for being the beautiful hand models that they were born to be.

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “Essie Summer 2015 Collection

  1. i will definitely pick up peach side babe.. love that color..and sunset sneaks it seems like a great red orangy alternative for the summer. great post!


  2. Even thought I’m not really a big fan of blue polishes, I like the Pret-a-surfer best out of this collection too!
    Essie is my favourite nail polish! My favourite is a boring shade: Mademoiselle. It’s the only polish I’ve ever used up the entire bottle and repurchased.
    A good summery Essie shade is Braziliant – an orange shade with a pink shimmer.
    That’s an interesting talent you have about remembering when you wore a certain nail polish – haha!


    1. I feel the same way about Pret-a-surfer, I’m definitely not a blue kind of girl either! Mademoiselle is really beautiful though, simple and sweet 🙂 My next purchase will definitely be Braziliant, I love the shimmer that Essie uses 🙂

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