Photo Journal: NYC

New York is in full bloom, guys, and I couldn’t be happier to be spending June and July here.  Check out some of the fun things I’ve done and the beautiful things I’ve seen in this week’s photo journal!


1.  At dinner with my beautiful aunt.


2.  In New Jersey eating ice cream with my mom, aunt, and sisters over the weekend.

Ivy on Logs New Jersey
3.  My parents’ back yard, I came home for my father’s birthday which fell on Memorial Day.

4.  Across from Chelsea Piers.

5.  Walking home from a photography class at FIT during sunset.

Trestle on Tenth NYC

6.  Eating lunch in the garden at Trestle on Tenth before class.


7.  One of my professors invited me to shoot with him in Brooklyn, this was at Gleason’s boxing gym in DUMBO.


8.  Not technically the best picture, but what a happy smile! (not my professor)


9.  The guy with the green bandana was intense, so I mostly followed him around.


10.  America!


11.  The River Walk Cafe in Brooklyn


12.  Rust, green and yellow, I like it.

Janes Carousel NYC
13.  Jane’s Carousel, a wooden carousel from the 1920’s.IMG_5722

14.  I love all of the purple flowers that are finally growing.


15.  A very cool sunset on Wednesday night.

This week was mostly landscapes, since my weekend was very low key.  I’m going to the Whitney tomorrow and I can’t wait!  Share your weekend plans with my in the comments and let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here)!  If you like posts about experiences/travel, check out my “stories” section for more!

All The Best,


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