How To Work SPF Into Your Beauty Routine

I won’t usually tell you what you must do or buy here on AllTheBestBeauty.  That’s not my thing.  I won’t tell you that you need to put stripes two shades darker than your skin on your face to look beautiful or that there’s “an oh-so covetable $45 lipstick that every glam girl on the go needs”.  No.  Who even talks like that?  I will tell you one thing, though.  You need to be protecting your skin from the sun.  Your $150/ounce anti-aging serum might as well be tap water if you’re not wearing SPF in the sun: it’s like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.  This probably isn’t a new concept to you, so let’s look at a few ways you can incorporate SPF into your regular beauty routine without adding any extra steps.


Moisturizer, CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30, $13.99. This is my favorite way to get some SPF on my face because I rarely wear makeup during the day.  It’s also affordable, has a relatively non-greasy feel, and doesn’t leave a white-cast on the face.  Note: As far as I know SPF 30 will cause the flash-back effect that makes your face look white, so only use this during the day when you won’t be exposed to flash photography.

La Roche Posay SPF 50 Tinted
Tinted Sunscreen, La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Light Suncreen Fluid, $33.50.  $33.50 for a sunscreen for your face?  What am I, Gwyneth Paltrow?  My dermatologist gave me a sample of this when she heard I was going to Sri Lanka and I repurchased as soon as I ran out.  It’s a very light, thin fluid which means it’s not detectable on the skin (no white-cast) and you don’t feel it either.  Sure, you can use a BB Cream with sunscreen, but even that feels too heavy for me during the day.  This is just enough coverage to even out the skin a bit, but not heavy enough that you can feel it throughout the day.  It also dries to a surprisingly matte finish, considering sunscreen tends to turn the skin into a reflective, spinning disco ball. La Roche Posay SPF 50 tinted in Monaco
Wearing the La Roche-Posay SPF 50 Fluid at lunch in Monaco.IMG_1381 copy Wearing the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen (a regular sunscreen) in Sri Lanka and looking shiny as can be.

CoverGirl bb CREAM

BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer, CoverGirl CG Smoothers SPF 15 Tinted Moisture, $7.99.  If you don’t mind a thicker consistency, this is a great option to even out skin tone a little while getting the SPF you need in order to avoid turning into a leather purse prematurely.  You don’t need this specific one, either.  I actually bought every popular BB Cream and prepared to review them in one big post.  But honestly, they all performed so similarly that it just didn’t make sense.  Garnier, Maybelline, CoverGirl, Rimmel, they’re all pretty similar just make sure it has SPF!

Bare Minerals Set Original Foundation

Powders, bareMinerals Original Foundation, $28.  If you’re going to be out in the sun all day, this is your best bet.  Why?  Powders can easily be reapplied throughout the day.  So, if your makeup begins to fade or you start sweating, you just need to touch up and you’ll also be refreshing your sun protection.  Neutrogena (here), Physician Formula (here), and L’Oreal (here) all make face powders with SPF.

Foundations with SPF MAC Studio sculpt

Foundation, MAC Studio Sculpt with SPF 15, $32.  Duh!  If all else fails, get your SPF from your foundation!  Based on my own experience and also what I’ve read, SPF 15 and lower should not interfere with photos.  Anything above 15 may cause light to bounce off your face, giving you some unflattering flash back.

Moral of the story: get it any way you can get it, girl!  Just make sure your best preventative anti-aging measure is somewhere on that face of yours!  Wanna hear a funny story?  The pictures I took for this post originally had me pulling my sunglasses down my nose trying to be very cute.  I looked at them on the computer and you can see right down my top in every single one.  Total reflective lenses fail.  I’m so happy I took a few alternatives just in case!

Let’s talk about your favorite ways to protect your skin from the sun in the comments AND let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here).  Keep an eye out for Nyx Favorites tomorrow!

All The Best,


12 thoughts on “How To Work SPF Into Your Beauty Routine

  1. Excellent post! I really like the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Light Suncreen Fluid – I am willing to pay more for good quality sunscreens. You look lovely on your vacation in Sri Lanka even without makeup on!


    1. Thank you! We pay so much for anti-aging products, it just makes sense we spend a little more on a sunscreen product that we’ll actually use! And thank you – the first thing I thought when I saw that picture was “Wow they might be onto something with that tinted sunscreen” because I hated how shiny it was!


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