Nails Inc. feat. Victoria Beckham & Alexa Chung

$25 is a lot to spend on a nail polish.  I’m not off my rocker guys, I know this.  A non streaky, bright nude is magical and mystical though.  This is to say it basically does not exist.  When I saw Victoria Beckham’s Collaboration with Nails Inc. I thought we had a shot.  Plus a lace top coat from Alexa Chung!? Come on, that is so cool.  Let’s see how these worked out.


Nails Inc. x Victoria Beckham in Bamboo White, $25

Let me say, the color is beautiful.  I love how eye-catching white nail polish is in the summer, especially with tanned skin.  But once it starts to chip you have the whole White-Out thing going on, and it looks dirty quickly.  This is the perfect compromise between a white and a nude and a bit more sophisticated.  The color is really something else.  I bought this with a coupon from so I didn’t pay full price, but at $25 it’s a little less than the cost of two manicures.  It would also look great on toes!

The application, though.  Let’s talk about that.  It has a wider brush than most (I’m told a few premium nail polishes have this kind of brush) which makes it easier to spread evenly in my opinion.  Instead of the typical three swipe application, this is more like two.  It will work with two coats, but three looks much better.  You have to be really careful to apply thin layers, though, otherwise it will never dry.  I applied this many, many times in the past couple of months.  I found it didn’t chip when I applied two coats, but it did chip in a couple of days when I applied three.

Nails Inc. Alexa Lace Polish, $29

I bought this when it was on sale at Sephora for a fraction of the price out of curiosity.  It’s no longer available, except from Amazon where it’s marked up.  Alexa collaborated with Nails Inc. to create a line that mimics fabric.  While this is a really cool idea, this particular polish isn’t that great.  I wore this over the weekend when I saw my sisters and mom.  I asked them what kind of top coat I was wearing and they guess confetti, glitter, and paint splatter.  I told them it was supposed to be lace and they raised their eyebrows.

The application on this is tricky, too.  Yes, there’s a better chance it would look more lace-like if there was more product on my nails.  It’s hard to control how much is deposited once it’s on the nail though, and you risk over-doing it.  I found there either wasn’t enough space between the particles to make it look like lace, or there was too much space and the pieces didn’t look connected as they would with actual lace.  A for effort, though, because it was a great idea.

I’m really curious about Alexa Chung’s other polishes from the Fabric Effect collection.  Have you tried them out?  Let me know how they are!

Come back tomorrow for a photo journal of a week in New York City.  Also, let’s follow each other on BlogLovin (here)!

All The Best,


8 thoughts on “Nails Inc. feat. Victoria Beckham & Alexa Chung

  1. I bought the VB polishes just because the bottles and packaging were fabulous. I felt like a real promotions sucker but I do love Nails Inc even though it’s expensive. My mum buys me the custom bottles for birthdays and I love them. If you sign up online you get great discounts and freebies. I treated myself to a Nails Inc mani before an interview one time and the staff were top notch as was the manicure. I was hoping VB would bring out some more colours but then I guess they were kind of signature colours and I agree the ‘white’ is just in a league of its own colourwise.


    1. I want to go to the Nails Inc. salon so badly! They just opened (what I think is the first one in the U.S.) at Saks Fifth Avenue. It’s funny because I used to go to the old salon at Saks, which was not great but very convenient if you want to walk in with street clothes and walk out with an outfit for night time and a manicure. I would always talk to the women, asking why they didn’t renovate or redecorate and they always vaguely suggested the salon wouldn’t be around much longer (I think about a year ago). Then I moved farther away from Saks just as Nails Inc. opened and I haven’t been there in months.
      Anyway, I agree, I wish the Victoria Beckham collab was more on-going, judging by the first two colors it would be really fabulous.
      Love that you treated yourself to a nice manicure before a job interview, the best kind of preparation 🙂


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