Summerize Your Foundation

We all want to shine bright like a diamond in the summertime, but we also don’t want to wear any more foundation than we need to.  Unless you do.  (Do you?  Why??)  For those of us want happy, supple skin and lighter coverage from their foundation, I have the perfect trick for you guys!  Years ago I remember reading an interview with a famous makeup artist about the most recent fashion week.  The interviewer mentioned the models’ beautiful skin at a certain show and he said all he did was mix cream bronzer with oil to make their foundation.  I thought, wow, what an idea!  I wonder if I can do that with my foundation.  Then I googled it and yes, it’s a thing.  People have been doing it for a while now, so why not you!  Let’s chat a little bit about this easy way to turn your medium coverage foundation into tinted moisturizer.


Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Foundation mixed with coconut oil.


Back of my hand with no makeup applied.


I prefer using coconut oil instead of moisturizer to summerize my foundation (I’m wearing this combination in the featured image with no highlighting powders or liquids).  It gives more of a glow and spreads so nicely.  I add a lot in order to dilute the coverage of my foundation.  You might notice the product gets darker once you mix the oil.  One thing that causes foundations to oxidize is oil, so this will probably happen.  You can see that this definitely was the case in the picture above.  Once applied, though, it doesn’t really seem to be an issue.  This may be because of how thin it is after being mixed with the oil.  It’s also important to note that you shouldn’t do this with a water-based foundation (for obvious reasons, like the whole oil and water thing).  I also like to mix the two on the back of my hand because the heat makes the two combine easier.


Make Up For Ever’s HD Invisible Foundation mixed with First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer.  I find CeraVe’s Hydrating Lotion is a little easier to mix and gives a nicer finish, though.IMG_2754

Back of my hand with no makeup applied.

If you’re not an oil person or already have oily skin, that’s cool too!  Mixing your foundation with moisturizer won’t give you such a glow (although it still will) but it will certainly tone down the coverage of your foundation.  If you’re not jazzed about the thought of running out to buy a tinted moisturizer just to give you a hint of coverage, this should be really helpful.  You’ll only need the tiniest bit of foundation, depending on how much you want to cover.  If you only want to spot conceal, you can do this too.  Just apply the moisturizer all over and apply the mixture to your dark circles or acne scars.  This is a really easy way to even out the texture of your skin and conceal while using minimal product.  Be sure to use a lightweight moisturizer, too (you can find a list of those here) so it spreads easily and doesn’t look heavy.

Have you tried this before?  I really like using what I already have instead of buying new products, so this is definitely a go-to trick of mine.  Also, let’s follow each other on Bloglovin (here) which I’m trying to use more!  So many apps, ya know?  Check back tomorrow for a post about Nail Inc.’s collaborations with Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung.

All The Best,


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