Affordable Moisturizers for Summer

When I was 18 and moved to Miami from New Jersey for school, I had no idea that I would have to change my skin care routine to adjust to the humid weather.  I was wearing my MAC Studio Scuplt (a great foundation, especially for dry skin) during the summertime in Miami (100% humidity every single day) and wondering why my face looked like I had dunked it in a bucket of fried chicken.  I had dry skin after all!  Well, apparently my skin was really flourishing in the humid weather and my super-hydrating skin care wasn’t really necessary anymore.  Now, I always switch out my heavier winter creams for lightweight face lotions in the summer and thought I would share some of the affordable options I’ve tried.

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 30, $13.99


This is my favorite summer moisturizer.  My dermatologist recommended it for my mild rosacea, which makes me extra sensitive to sun.  Having SPF 30 (my dermatologist told me that any lower isn’t enough) already built into my skin care routine is fantastic, it sinks right into the skin and the price is affordable at $4.60/ounce.

Virgin Coconut Oil, $7.99


I’ve already written extensively about my love for coconut oil as a beauty product (Coconut Oil for your Hair and Nails) (Coconut Oil for your Skin) (Summerize your Foundation) and (How to Make your Hair Long & Lush).  I won’t regurgitate here, even though I really want to because guys!! I love this stuff.  Especially for summertime when you really don’t want to feel your products on your face.  It’s so terrible to be wiping excess moisturizer off your cheeks in the middle of the day, which is why this super thin oil is perfect.  It doesn’t provide any sun protection (I mean, how could it?) otherwise this would be my number one pick.

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer, $10.99


This product is not remarkable and I wouldn’t recommend you run out to buy it.  However, if you see it on sale or want a back-up (I must have gotten this as a sample somehow) it does an adequate job and isn’t the least bit irritating on the skin.  Plus, it’s very affordable at $2.62/ounce.  This is probably a great moisturizer for younger people who just want to avoid dry skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion, $10.99


This moisturizer is awesome.  It has three kinds of ceramides which are supposed to help restore the skin’s natural barrier.  I’ve been using it for three months and I really feel like it’s made a difference in the sensitivity of my skin.  It’s also really thin and light, making it perfect for summer.  Plus $1.14/ounce?  Department store skin care can kiss my butt!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, $24.00

As much as I want to love this, it’s another unremarkable product.  Unlike CeraVe, it only has one kind of ceramide and is a lot more expensive than any of the other options at $14/ounce.  It’s not terrible by any means and it has that lightweight consistency that we like for summer, but there are definitely better options available.

With Memorial Day creeping up I decided to make this week’s focus summertime.  What are some of the moisturizers you use when you’re trying to get yourself looking summertime fine?  Keep an eye out for a post about finishing powders for my oily beauties tomorrow!

All The Best,


13 thoughts on “Affordable Moisturizers for Summer

  1. Great choices! I agree about the Simple moisturiser. It’s good but not great. Two others I really recommend which are both very affordable are the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser and the Dr. Organic Pomegranate Face Cream. They’re two of my all time faves 🙂 xx

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  2. coconut is soo good for you! CeraVe is also a great one I’ve used in the past. My skin is so sensitive it’s one of the only products I can use!


    1. Yes! It soaks into the skin really quickly, I was actually worried it wouldn’t be hydrating enough based on how soon my skin absorbed it. I’ve been using it all spring and it’s great, though I wouldn’t use it in the winter.

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