Allure Sample Society: First Impressions

I have an entire drawer full of crap that I’ve accumulated from Ipsy and Birchbox.  I love trying new things, and I also really like smaller sizes for traveling, but I felt that a lot of the stuff was inferior versions of thing I already owned, or not something I would use.  I’m giving the whole subscription service thing another try, though, with Allure’s Sample Society.  They offer better and different brands, they include an insert explaining the products, and it also comes with a $10 off coupon for a $50 purchase on  So, even though it’s $15 and therefore more expensive than either of the others, I feel it’s a better value.  Let’s check it out! IMG_2457

1 John Freida 7 Day Volume Treatment.  This is an in-shower treatment, so you’re supposed to apply it to hair after shampooing and conditioning.  Instructions say to squeeze out excess water, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse out.  I haven’t tried it yet, mostly because I’m afraid it’s going to make my hair heavy, but I’ll definitely update this once I do.

2 Alterna Caviar Repair Multi Vitamin Heat Protection Spray.  I was really excited to try something from this brand because everyone raves about it.  So far, this stuff is great.  The scent is nice and light and the product itself is very thin.  My favorite part is the fine mist that it sprays on application because it allows the product to spread nicely throughout the hair.  Thumbs up for this one.

3 Julep Lip Gloss in Graceful.  I didn’t really need another pink lip gloss (Allure itself said the color wasn’t exactly revolutionary in the included leaflet, which I thought was funny) but this gloss does look very pretty on the lips and it’s not overwhelmingly sticky.IMG_2218

Here wearing Julep’s lip gloss in Graceful with a big ole blemish on my forehead.

4 Versace Eros Pour Femme.  When I first saw this bottle, I thought to myself “what the hell, this is a men’s fragrance”.  Then when I saw this was for women, I was afraid it was going to be overwhelming.  It’s not!  It’s surprisingly fresh and pretty.  This is a perfect size for travel and it comes in a heavy glass bottle, so I’ll definitely be getting use out of this.

5 Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.  All I had to do was open the jar to know I wouldn’t be using this: the fragrance was overwhelming.  Why skincare companies love putting fragrance in their products despite the fact that it burns, itches, and ruins my skin is beyond me.  It’s a shame because I’ve wanted to try something from this Korean skin care line.

6 Avene Eau Thermale.  This stuff is literally just water and nitrogen.  It claims to be soothing, and since it is cooling I can definitely how that would be the case, but you can also just use a cold towel.  I would never buy this myself, but it is nice to have around when you’re laying in the sun and want to cool down.

Another thing I really like about this is that everyone gets the same box.  When you’re subscribed to Ipsy and you seem Glam Glow and Urban Decay are in the boxes this month, but never in yours, it’s really annoying.  I’m so happy I pulled the trigger on this because memberships aren’t even available at the moment (more information is available here though).  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next month!

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “Allure Sample Society: First Impressions

  1. Hi Julia, I love Allure and will give this new sample society a try.
    Also, I would love to know what kind of eyeliner do u use? I have noticed a golden color eyeliner in the pic you posted and u look gorgeous so I would love to try it. Thx. Keep blogging:)


    1. Hi, Martina, thank you for reading! 🙂
      The gold eyeliner in the picture I just posted on Facebook is Nyx’s Liquid Crystal Liner, it’s only about 5 bucks and you can get it at Ulta/some Targets!


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