New Colour Pop Highlighters

Do we need another amazing highlighter on the market?  I honestly thought I already owned all I’d ever need, but I was wrong.  See, back before every kind of cool, warm, cream, powder highlighter hit the mall, it was hard to find a really dramatic and warm highlight.  I actually started using MAC’s Paint Pot in Rubenesque on my cheeks which was almost impossible to blend out.  I can’t imagine how many hours I spent patting my cheeks trying to blend this stuff onto my cheeks during my freshman year of college.  Now, we have plenty of options so it’s a bit hard for me to get excited about another highlighter.  This, though, is really unique.


I’m completely impressed by the way it sinks into the skin.  Unlike my paint pot which is a bit thick, this stuff is really thin but pigmented.  It makes blending very easy and there’s no visible flecks of shimmer, just a uniform glow.  I love that wet look on the high points of the face and this makes it so easy.  Colour Pop primarily suggests you use your fingers, but if you want to use a brush they recommend synthetic.  I dabbed it on with my fingers and blended it out with my E.L.F. Small Stipple Brush.  It didn’t really take any more time than a powder highlighter would.  Another thing I love about these?  You can (and should!) use them as eyeshadows.  “Get Lucky” by Colour Pop is probably my most used gold shade, so I’m happy to have an alternative.  A little bit of shading around the eye with this stuff all over the lid, light coverage foundation and curled lashes is a perfect summer look.


In 2010, check out that Rubenesque!


The consistency is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Colour Pop and the same as the eyeshadows and blushes (my reviews are here and here).  Colour Pop’s highlighters $8 each and available here.  They already have 15 shades out and it definitely seems that they kept a wide range of skin tones in mind during the creation process.  I was hesitant at first, but I’m really happy I picked these up.  Have you guys tried them yet?

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11 thoughts on “New Colour Pop Highlighters

  1. I don’t use a highlighter but perhaps I should! Thanks for all the info! I created a new blog last month called Real Life Natural Wife. I really enjoyed your blog. I hope you’ll come check it out and leave me a comment with your thoughts! Have a great day!


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