An Afternoon in Paris feat. Musée d’Orsay & Notre Dame

Would it be completely trite of me to begin this by stating that I love Paris?  Decide for yourselves, but I think I just did so let’s proceed and hopefully you’ll forgive me.  This was my second time in Paris and I had the opportunity to visit The Musée d’Orsay and Notre Dame, two places I have wanted to visit for so many years.  The Musée d’Orsay is famous for its collection of impressionist pieces, which is my favorite art movement.  Even though I’ve seen some of these pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the past few years, it was wonderful to have another opportunity with them.  Like Heraclitus of Ephesus said, you can’t step into the same river twice (paraphrasing) and I’ve got to say, the dude has a point.

Then I walked along the Seine to the Notre Dame, which is an incredible building with some really special pieces of history inside but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Enjoy!

Photo May 04-38


Photo May 04-47


Photo May 04-45

Portrait of Claude Monet by Renoir

Photo May 04-44

Portrait of Manet’s daughter by Renoir

Photo May 04-43


Photo May 04-42


Photo May 04-41


Photo May 04-40

Monet’s Cathedrals

Photo May 04-49

Photo May 04-39


Photo May 04-23


Photo May 04-21


Photo May 04-19

Van Gogh

Photo May 04-16

Van Gogh

Photo May 04-17

Van Gogh

Photo May 04-18


Photo May 04-15

Photo May 04-26

Photo May 04-51

Photo May 04-25


Photo May 04-59

Photo May 04-27

Photo May 04-56

Photo May 04-32

Photo May 04-55

Photo May 04-31

Photo May 04-29

Photo May 04-54 Photo May 04-57
Photo May 04-58

Photo May 04-36

Photo May 04-61

Photo May 04-60

Photo May 05

These two incredible experiences ended with a rainbow.  As of right now, I don’t have any concrete plans for my next trip, I’m going to be enjoying New York City for a while.  Let me know what your future travel plans are in the comments, I love talking to people about that kind of stuff!

All The Best,


7 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Paris feat. Musée d’Orsay & Notre Dame

  1. It must have been amazing to see all of the things you’ve only seen in movies or in other people’s photos, live in front of you. I know I almost couldn’t comprehend – this is the Eiffel Tower I’m standing in front of now, omg! This is THE Notre Dame – wow! Sometimes going on a trip does make you appreciate your home a bit more. As much as I love to travel, I do enjoy coming home too.


    1. Yes it really was amazing. So hard to comprehend that these building have been around for many hundreds of years, especially since in the U.S. most of our buildings were built in the last 500 years. And you’re definitely right about appreciating your own home more. After more than a week I can’t wait to curl up in my own bed and make my own coffee 🙂

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