DupeDay feat. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow

If you weren’t exactly born with full, luscious eyebrows (or any at all) and insist on having them, there’s a pomade for that!  Gels are great, but what about when you air kiss your fancy friend after leaving a fancy brunch and accidentally leave a brown streak on her forehead?  Do you spit on your hand and wipe it off like you’re her grandmother?  You shouldn’t.  You should just set it with powder.  But two steps to achieve full brows?  That’s one too many in my book.  These pomades don’t need to be set and are more precise than using powder which means you get a more hair-like line.  This makes them the ultimate brow product, regardless of your specific brow needs.  The reigning champion right now is Anastasia Beverly Hills’ DipBrow Pomade (here), but is Nyx’s Tame & Frame (here) option just as good for 1/3 of the price?  Let’s see!


Wear Time.  Even in extreme heat and humidity, these should last you all day.  I’ve worn the ABH DipBrow in Miami in million degree heat with 1,000% humidity and my brows didn’t budge.  Maybe I’m being dramatic, but you have to admit that’s kind of miraculous.  I haven’t tested Nyx’s formula in such extreme temperatures yet, but the wear time in regular weather seems to be the same.

Pigmentation.  The Nyx formula is just a bit more sheer than ABH’s.  This makes it great for beginners because you won’t have harsh lines all over the place.  It can be a tad annoying though for people who are used to the pigmentation of ABH’s DipBrow.

Color Selection.  In addition to being a little more sheer, Nyx’s color selection is definitely limited.  Anastasia Beverly Hills’ pomade comes in 11 different shades whereas Nyx’s only comes in 5.  This will definitely be a problem for some people: no matter how good the formula, if it’s the wrong color it just won’t work.

These are two very good products, whether you’re looking to create brows out of thin air or amp up the ones you already have.  If you’re just beginning to fill in your brows and can find a shade that will work for you, I definitely recommend trying Nyx’s Tame & Frame.  If not, the DipBrow by Anastasia Beverly Hills is well worth the money and since you only use the tiniest bit for every application, you definitely won’t need to be repurchasing throughout the year.

IMG_3248All The Best,


7 thoughts on “DupeDay feat. Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow

  1. I have both as well and I find that the nyx appears more natural. I’ve also tested the Nyx in this early summer weather here in DC and it didn’t hold up as long as the Anastasia.


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