Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stains

IMG_3532Lip stains!  Because reapplying your lipstick is annoying.  When you’re out with your friends, dancing the night away and eating delicious food, the last thing you want to worry about is if your bold lip choice is slowing becoming a disaster.  This doesn’t mean you need to forego fun lip colors or go to the bathroom every hour for touch ups, though.  You have options.  Revlon introduces one such option with their ColorStay Moisture Stains (here).

Pigmentation.  The pigmentation on these are not terrible.  After two coats you’ll have an opaque, glossy finish.

Consistency.  This stuff is pretty thick.  The glossy finish dries down, but you’ll still experience a tacky feeling in your lips for hours.  It also has a strange cooling effect on your lips upon application, which is kind of interesting.  Moisturizing, though?  I didn’t really get that feeling.

Wear Time.  This product is weird in that the thick, almost sticky, base stays on your lips for hours.  I’m telling you, it’s kind of hard to get off right away.  The color, however, doesn’t really stain your lips the way a true lip stain would.

IMG_3536India Intrigue & Milan Moment

If you’re after a lip look with long time wear, I like to start off with exfoliated and hydrated lips.  Wipe off any excess balms, then fill your entire lips in with a pencil.  Then, go over with a dry formula or set your lips with transparent powder.  It’s not the most comfortable feeling, but you’ll rest assured knowing your lips aren’t going anywhere.

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