Maybelline’s Master Collection

IMG_3242Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it would be crazy if someone was born with white frosty skin.  Here we have the Maybelline Master collection which consists of blushes, bronzers, primers, concealer and eye liner pens.  Some of the products are pretty interesting so I figured I’d give you the scoop on this collection.


IMG_3754Above wearing the Glistening Brush Stick in Coral Shine.  In the featured image I’m wearing the  Master Hi-Light Powdered Bronzer in Deep Bronze.


IMG_3236Master Glaze Glistening Blush Stick in Coral Shine, $8.99.  As far as cream blushes go, this is a really great one.  As you can see in the swatch, the color is gorgeous and reflects light really nicely.  It’s also got a great lightweight formula.  I apply with my fingers then blend with my E.L.F. Small Stipple brush, but you can also just blend out with your fingers.  It’s definitely reminiscent of the Nars Multiple and I’m not sure why they don’t market it as such.  I think this is a great product to keep in your purse for whenever you want to add some color to your face.  You can swipe this stuff on your lids, lips, and of course cheeks.

IMG_3229IMG_3513Master Hi-Light Powder Blush in Pink Rose, $9.99.  If I had bought this in person and seen that those light rectangles are white, I never would have bought this shade.  That frosty white texture on any skin tone makes me want to rip my eye balls out.  On the cheeks, this looks really unnatural and over the top.  I saw different shades in Target recently and noticed they didn’t have any white in them, so I imagine they’re very pretty.  This gives a very highlighted and glowing look so be prepared for that as well.



Master Highlight Powdered Bronze in Deep, $9.99.  Though a little orange, this is a really beautiful product.  Like the blush, is definitely gives the skin a warm, radiant finish.  Since it has a bit of pink and purple throughout, I also bring this up to the apples of my cheeks (see featured image).  It makes me look healthy and happy immediately.  I’m probably going to wait until I have more of a tan to wear it, though, since right now it a little bronze for my face.


IMG_3540Master Conceal, $8.99.  There are definitely mixed feelings about this concealer, but I’ve only had great experiences so far.  Some full coverage (I’ve also heard it doesn’t cover dark spots and acne well) concealers feel tacky or sticky under the eye, but this is a nice lightweight fluid.  I always mix my concealer with my foundation for my under eye area and this is great for that purpose.  It definitely gives me more coverage than my MUFE HD Invisible foundation, which is what I’m usually looking for in an under-eye concealer.  I’ve tried all of the popular drugstore concealers and this is definitely my favorite when it comes to creasing and durability.  I’ll be in Europe by the time this is posted, though, and can’t wait to pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer!

This collection definitely has some winners.  I think the bronzer is fantastic for really warm, glowy looks.  The blush stick is fantastic to give your cheeks a healthy flush and the concealer is both lightweight and effective.  Have you tried any of these products before?  What are your thoughts?  Chat with me in the comments!

All The Best,


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