Sale Survivor: Zara Mid Season Sale

When we were kids, my dad used to buy our jeans from a store that had a lifetime guarantee (and later went out of business, probably because of us) so that when we got holes in the knees, he could exchange them.  I’ve picked up his frugal habits and hate to pay full price for anything.  Whether it’s Intermix or Nordstrom Rack, I pretty much always buy my clothing at a discount so hopefully this will inspire you to get yourself some well priced threads of your own.

IMG_3697Jacquard Mini Skirt, $19.90.  The fit on this skirt is pretty close to perfect.  While I wish it was a little longer, it’s still really cute with low heels.  You can also wear it with flats and a tee shirt – can you tell I like things to be multi-purpose?  The subtle print on this is also really pretty.

IMG_3643Oversize Dress, $19.90.  I love dresses like these because they can be worn with heels for a nice lunch or with sandals for a day of running errands.  It’s viscose, not cotton, which gives it a slightly fancier (if you will) feel.  The v-neck is an interesting little touch as well.  For 20 bucks, I’m happy with it. IMG_3680

IMG_3665Vinyl Heel Court Shoe, $29.90.   I don’t usually go for pieces that are so reminiscent of another designer’s work (Christian Louboutin’s vinyl heels from last year) but these are subtle enough that I don’t feel like I’m wearing a ripped off design.  Once again, good for both day and night so even better!IMG_3716

Combined Tunic, $29.95 (no longer available online it seems).  Even in X-Small, this is a little boxier than I would like.  I’ll probably wear it with a different belt to get more of a cinch around the waist.  The details and stitching on this dress are really nice though and I love that it’s longer in the back: it makes it so much more wearable.

I’m going to be visiting a few cities in the U.K. and France for the next week so I’m happy to have a few extra springtime options.  I’m going to tweet every time I’m shopping a sale so follow me there, unless you hate saving money.

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