New Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art


To be honest, going to the drugstore lately has been like going to your grandma’s house without your toys as a kid.  Nothing is really new, nothing is exciting and I’m bored in minutes.  Seeing this in the drugstore was like the time me and my siblings found my father’s old notebook from high school which had drawings of cartoon chickens all over it and read every single page.  Jackpot, finally something to do.  Revlon recently came out with a 3 in 1 product (here) designed to be used for lids, lashes, and as liner.  One side is a clear liquid with glitter and the other side is a high shine, metallic liquid.

Lashes.  The glitter side is a bit chunkier than I was expecting.  High school Julia would have been like “hell yeah, this is peach and gold glitter on my lashes!” but I also used to wear loose copper pigment all over my lids (this, actually, if you must know) with a bare face every day back then.  I’m a changed woman now, so I’ll probably skip the glitter lashes.  If you like it, then fantastic!  This truly will be a 3 in 1 product for you.

Lids.  The metallic side is really beautiful on the lids.  It catches light really nicely and doesn’t feel heavy on the lids.  Also, the product on the lid won’t transfer above the crease because it dries completely.  This makes it a wonderful option for people with hooded eyes.  For application,  I don’t recommend swiping it across the eyes full force and then leaving your house.  Instead, start slowly, build the color to opacity, and blend the surrounding areas along the way.  I’ve used my fingers so far and worked quickly since it dries pretty quickly.

Liner.   In my opinion, the glitter won’t be dense enough to get a dramatic line unless it’s layered over another liner.  It’s kind of sparse, has no base color, and doesn’t have the smoothest application.  The metallic side, however, is wonderful.  It’s very easy to work with and doesn’t flake off.  When I took the picture above, I wore this for almost 10 hours and the liner was in perfect shape at the end of the day, which was a pleasant surprise.



IMG_3359Revlon’s PhotoReady line seems to be pretty solid.  It has me interested in trying some other products from the line.  Has anyone else tried this yet?  Let me know!

All The Best,


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