4 Gel Liners to Try

Every gel eyeliner is wonderful and amazing for the first 15 applications, but there are two questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to long-term use:  does it stay smooth and does it stay black?  Once a product has hardened, it’s very hard to get a smooth line which means you’ll use more product and the line will be thicker than expected.  You can avoid that by finding a formula that stays smooth and dark longer.  Here are a few I’ve tried in my quest for a sharp, black line.

Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel

  • around $11-16
  • can be hard to get your hands on in the U.S.  Inglot is sold in Macy’s and they do have some studios in select U.S. cities
  • comes in a lot of very pretty colors
  • very black and very smooth, even after months of use.  I bought mine in January (I had to go to the Macy’s in Herald Square) and it’s still my go-to.
  • sorry about the eyelash glue on the container!  You’d be amazed at the places I find eyelash glue on a day-to-day basis.

NYX Gel Eyeliner & Smudger


  • $8.99
  • very black
  • dries out somewhat quickly and once it’s dry it becomes very difficult to use

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Liner


  • $9.99
  • the brush (included) is actually pretty nice.  You can even use it for inner-corner highlight
  • when it dries it stays very creamy but loses pigment, making it hard to get a very black line.

MAC Fluidline


  • $16
  • becomes grey very quickly after first use
  • stay very creamy over time, making it a good option if you don’t mind having to layer product.  Even then, though, it won’t be as black as you may like.

Of these, my favorite options are the Maybelline Eye Studio and the Inglot Eyeliner Gel.  Don’t forget there are also some really great liquid liners to try if you want an even more dramatic line (here).  What are some of your favorite gel liners?  Let me know!

All The Best,


7 thoughts on “4 Gel Liners to Try

  1. Inglot is my favourite gel eyeliner too , thy have a few inglot shops in Dubai. The maybelline is nice but like you mentioned, it loses pigment and I like my liner to be as black as it gets. Great post !


  2. Everyone raves about the Inglot gel liner but I found it was sticky and didn’t dry properly on my eyes – it also causes my lashes to stick together at the roots! So weird.
    I like Clinique’s gel liner, it’s very fluid and doesn’t dry out in the pot.


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