4 Liquid Eyeliners to Try

Hold your horses guys, we’re getting ready to do some real sharp eye looks.  In my opinion, all of the beautiful bold lip colors for spring/summer are best complimented by contoured eyes and a sharp winged liner.  It looks so fresh and clean.  When I’m going for this look, I like to establish the shape with a gel liner, which is more manageable, and then finish the line with a liquid liner, which makes it more defined.  Here are a few of my favorite liquid liners ranging from $3 to 30 to help you get that sharp wing



The Balm Schwing



  • $17
  • felt tip
  • the blackest liquid liner I’ve found
  • not the best finish: I’ve found it doesn’t dry as smoothly as some of the others

Lancome Artliner



  • $30.50
  • felt tip
  • very black, but needs to be layered
  • dries very quickly – less risk of smudging

Stila Stay All Day




  • $20 (right now Sephora has a set which includes this liner and a violet mechanical pencil which is so pretty but unfortunately, they always get on my contacts then I complain to my friends all night that I can’t see.)
  • felt tip
  • waterproof
  • will feather if you press too hard during application
  • comes in 15 different colors including dark brown, midnight blue, olive, and pink

NYC Liquid Eyeliner



  • around $3
  • available with felt and brush applicator
  • great value and product
  • similar finish to The Balm’s liner; doesn’t dry to the smoothest line.  The best way to deal with this avoiding over-applying.

In the picture above I’m wearing Stila’a Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner (which is my favorite of these options) with NYX’s Liquid Crystal Liner which is “not recommend for the eye area.  Next week I’ll be doing a post about 4 Gel Liners to Try so keep an eye out for that if you’re on a liner hunt.  Thank you for reading!

All The Best,


11 thoughts on “4 Liquid Eyeliners to Try

  1. Best liner I’ve ever used is Physicians Formula Eye Booster eyeliner pen. It has a very fine brush tip and it stays put ALL day on me! It’s pricey for a drugstore item but PF often goes on sale for 40% off


    1. Lol yeah, it’s obviously fine to use to line your eyes but of course someone may try to put it in their waterline. So, they put that disclaimer to cover themselves. I believe Urban Decay had the same kind of warning for their Electric Palette. Threw that in there just in case!


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