Real Techniques Core Collection Review

I’m into afforable makeup brushes lately.  Hard.  A few people have asked me to review the Real Techniques face brushes lately but my E.L.F. brushes (more here) have been so near and dear to my heart that I stalled.  But here I am and boy am I glad I gave these guys a shot!  Here’s a little rundown of The Real Techniques Core Collection ($17.99 at Ulta) for ya.



Buffing Brush.  I would like this brush so much much more if I already didn’t have my E.L.F. Ultimate Blending Brush, which is a little more dense.  When my skin starts to get a little oily in the summertime and I switch to powder foundation, I’ll be excited to use this, though.


Contour Brush.  I wouldn’t use this to apply contour since I contour with foundation, but it is pointed enough to blend it out.  This brush is great for blush and highlighter.  Oh man, I love using this brush.  Also, have I mentioned that these brushes are incredibly soft?  Doesn’t hurt!


Pointed Foundation Brush.  Foundation?  Maybe if I had 10 minutes to apply my face with this small brush.  I do, however, love this for my under eye concealer.  The ones I’ve been using lately (I don’t know why) are natural hair brushes which means they absorb product, then push it around my face.  This buffs it in nicely without leaving streaks and is precise enough to cover all the way up to your lash line.IMG_2915

Detailer Brush.  When looking at this set, I thought to myself that if I can use this as a lip brush, the entire set will be worth it.  The other three brushes turned out to be great (they were the cherry on top) but what I really wanted was a good lip brush.  Especially for creamy lipstick, or when you don’t have/want to wear a lip liner.  The tip is very fine which allows for precise application and the bristles are soft.  An alternate use for this brush is inner corner or brow highlight.  Note:  These do stain, as you can tell from the picture above.  I had just washed it, I swear.

These brushes also came with a case, which is great since you can basically use this set to apply your whole face.  I’m happy I tried these!  Share your views in the comments and keep an eye out for the best liquid eyeliners tomorrow!

All The Best,


9 thoughts on “Real Techniques Core Collection Review

  1. This was my first RT set. The pointed foundation brush is useless for foundation but like you, I do like it to pat on my under eye highlighter / concealer, it’s perfect for that purpose.
    The case for the brush sets is very handy!


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