How to Make Your Hair Long & Lush pt. 1

I’m really sorry but this is not going to be Pinterest-style list of 100 obscure, untested ways to grow your hair faster.  Instead, I’m going to be sharing with you a couple of methods I’ve personally used in the past 18 months that I feel made my hair grow in faster and thicker.  In January 2013 I cut about twelve inches off my hair, donated it to Locks of Love, and did the whole inverted bob thing.  I just loved it.  So manageable, so easy.  After about a year, though, my missed my long hair.  I guess I’m strictly a long haired kinda gal.  Once I started taking better care of my hair, with growing it out in mind, I noticed a big difference.  Even my stylist at Frederic Fekkai in SoHo was amazed at how my hair was growing in fast, and thicker.


Scalp Masks.  If you’re seriously interested in growing your hair faster, you’ve probably read that castor oil will do the trick.  I had a hard time finding any clinical evidence of this, but I thought it was worth a try.  Once a week, I mixed sweet almond oil, virgin coconut oil (here and here for more uses for coconut oil), and castor oil then heated it in the microwave.  I massaged it into my roots and slept with it on overnight (you can change your pillowcase to avoid staining).  Whether the castor oil helped or not I think nourishing your scalp, where the hair is growing, can’t hurt.  Note: castor oil is very thick and you may notice your hair becoming flat after repeated uses.  Be sure to use a clarifying shampoo, which is good to use anyway if you use a lot of styling products, or make your own using apple cider which is a Pinterest list of its own!  This will remove any build up caused by products or oils that haven’t been removed by shampoo.

Scalp Massage.  I still do this, especially when I’m out with my friends at night and feeling sleepy.  Massaging your scalp causes blood to rush to the area, which is good because you want stimulation if you’re looking for growth.  It also feels fantastic.  I usually do this when I wake up, I’m not sure exactly why but it makes me feel more awake.

Multivitamins.  This just makes sense.  Targeting growth in one particular area is hard, but making sure your body has all the nutrients to do so is made pretty easy with once a day multivitamins.  I know the buzzword in hair growth is Biotin, and I did use this for a time, but I struggled to find any scientific studies which showed Biotin is actually beneficial in aiding hair growth.  So, I recommend making sure you’re getting all of your vitamins (and water!) so your scalp can focus on pushing out those luscious locks rather than trying to fight deficiencies.

Also interested in how you can make your hair nice and thick?  Check this post for more (here).  If you want to read more posts like these, don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin (here).

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