How to Make Your Hair Long and Lush pt. 2

Of course, as part of hair’s growth cycle, we all lose some strands throughout the day.  But are certain parts of your routine actually making matters worse?  You may have plenty of gorgeous hair growing in, but the way you’re treating it may be keeping your locks from reaching their full potential.  In the second part of this two-part post I’ll be discussing ways to keep every last hair on your head until it’s time for you to part ways.  It’s what I call the “loving the ones you’re with” approach,


Don’t Brush When Wet.  If you’ve ever been to New York City, you probably noticed bathrooms are the size of closets.  It doesn’t make it any easier to share a bathroom with someone, which I once did.  I always noticed huge clumps of hair around the drain of the shower and, at first, was pretty concerned.  Then I realized she was combing through her hair while still in the shower.  I used to do this, too, as a pre-teen.  This is a big mistake.  When your scalp is wet, you’re more vulnerable to hair loss.  Therefore, tugging on your hair in this fragile state will definitely make you lose more hair than necessary.  Which is the opposite of what we’re trying to do here.  I’ve been using a Wet Brush for the past month or two and love it.  You can use a wide tooth comb too; anything that doesn’t pull on the hair while it’s wet.  I’ve also heard of people brushing their hair before showering while hair is still dry, and not after.  Seems like a big change to make though, after all these years.  I’ll stick with my Wet Brush for now.

Don’t Over Brush.  It’s pretty annoying to be finding hair everywhere anyway – just ask my dad who used to drive me to school every morning while I finger-brushed my hair after rolling out of bed.  Every time you brush your hair, you lose some of that hair.  Of course, some were ready to go anyway and by brushing you simply gave them momentum (they were in the exogen or “shedding” phase of the hair’s growth cycle).  Others, though, are being pulled out before they’re ready because you’re brushing too much or wearing your hair in tight hair styles.  This all sounds painful anyway, so it shouldn’t be hard to stop doing these things.

Shampoo Less.  This is pretty obvious, but let’s not understate the damage your hair and scalp goes through during regular shampooing and heat styling.  Try using dry shampoo (here) every other day instead of shampooing.  Or, you can kick it old school and sprinkle some baby powder in your hair.  Either way, your scalp will be happy and healthy from having avoided all of those harsh ingredients in shampoos.  You don’t want to upset your follicles.

Style Less.  When I was growing my hair out, I had to have my hair and makeup done for every shift at work.  I knew I couldn’t be constantly shampooing/blow drying/straightening, so I went on a bun binge.  Whenever I went to work, I wore my hair in a top knot.  This made it easier to shampoo less, since I wasn’t putting product in my hair.  It also saved my hair from breakage, making it fuller.  When I did wear my hair down, people at work would marvel at how long it was getting, probably because they hadn’t actually seen it down in weeks.  Make sure your bun isn’t pulling on the hair, though: you don’t want breakage at the root.  For when I do heat style, I like to use Tresemme’s heat protectant beforehand.

There you have it, some simple ways to make your hair long and lush.  Like I said, it’s not an exhaustive list of every home remedy under the sun, but these simple things (including the ones here) will make a big difference in the appearance and health of your hair.  This was a requested post so remember, if you have any questions, you can always ask me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

All The Best,


3 thoughts on “How to Make Your Hair Long and Lush pt. 2

  1. Great posts! I’ve tried a few methods to get soft shiny hair, I think coconut oil is working best for me💗 I really love your blog by the way! Like REALLY😍😍


    1. That’s awesome! Don’t you love how lightweight it is too? I sometimes forget I have it on my head. I’ve even gone out walking around with my hair in a bun drenched in coconut oil, I probably looked like a nut!! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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