DupeDay feat. Beauty Blender

Brushes aren’t enough anymore, guys.  If you’re like me, you like to sit down, have some tea, and watch some Real Housewives while you first apply your eyes, then your face.  I’m already not tickled by these things because I have to get up mid-makeup application.  I’ll admit it.  But hey, I’m cozy!  It’s hard to deny the flawless finish the Beauty Blender gives your skin, though, which means dupes have been falling out of the sky for years now.  Today I’m going to talk about the closest one I’ve found:  the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.


The Original BeautyBlender


Price.  $19.99 (here)

Shape.  The teardrop shape allows you to cover the face quickly, with the pointed end helping you get into creases like around your nose and under your eyes.  Not much to say here, a pretty effective design.

Durability.  When you have two $3 and $6 foundation brushes that you love (see here) it makes it hard to spend 20 bucks on a sponge you’ll have to replace in a few months.  These do retain their shape and texture really well, though, so if you save it for occasional use you shouldn’t have to repurchase too often.  Also, the cleansing solid they also sell works amazingly to get all of the product out of the sponge.  It’s priced at $16 though, which is kind of annoying.

Effectiveness.  I haven’t heard anyone else say this, but the Beauty Blender soaks up my foundation probably 2x as much as the Real Techniques sponge.  I rinsed each of them thoroughly (these are meant to be used wet) and did a side by side comparison on my face multiple times because I couldn’t believe how sheer my foundation was applying.  I tried it with Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation and Make Up For Ever’s Invisible HD Foundation and experienced the same results.  This is strange to me because I buy my foundation with coverage level in mind:  I don’t want to pay $20 for the privilege of applying even more foundation to my face to get the same results.  The finish it gives your skin, however, is beautiful.  It’s hard to find a word other than “flawless”.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Price.  $5.99 (here)

Shape.  I like the shape of the Real Techniques sponge slightly more than the BeautyBlender because of its flat surface.  This one has the pointed tip and rounded body like the BeautyBlender, but the flat edge makes it even better.  I use this portion for my under eye area.

Durability.  Here’s where the Real Techniques Beauty sponge falters.  It washes just fine and keeps its shape, but it does begin to get a little junky after a couple of weeks.  For mold freaks (how terrifying to think that you sponge you use on your face could be moldy!), you’ll probably replace yours before you start to notice things going downhill.

Effectiveness.  I didn’t experience any issues with this sponge soaking up my product.  The finish is just a tad less airbrush-looking than with the BeautyBlender.  It’s still very impressive, though.

Coincidentally, they both have a 4.5 rating out of 5 on the websites I’ve linked.  Have you used either one of these?  Share your experiences in the comments!

All The Best,


14 thoughts on “DupeDay feat. Beauty Blender

  1. I use the RT sponge and I find it amazing because of the form! I do find that sometimes i need to go back in with it and blend again but that doesn’t really bother me as the finished outcome looks better with the sponge than any of my brushes xx


  2. I had the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and was quite disappointed that it started tearing after a couple of washes (and I wash my blender type sponges right after I use them, with dish washing gloves on!). I’ve heard of similar experiences from other people as well. It had to go into the garbage after that – too bad.
    I have the Beauty Blender and it’s held up quite well after about 4 months of use (not constant use – about once a week) with regular washing.


    1. Lol I like how you wash it with dish washing gloves on! I know some people have said after a few weeks theirs has become dingy which is such a bummer!! I’m not sure why, but mine has never actually teared. Either way, the BeautyBlender is a great tool!


  3. I haven’t tried one of these yet, but I really should after reading your post. Definitely think I’ll try the cheaper of the two! Great post though – and yes, definitely a fan of watching shows while applying makeup! xx


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