Milani Color Statement Lipsticks Swatches & Review

Maybe you’re just looking for a good lipstick.  A middle of the road texture with normal re-application time for a good price.  Sometimes the super matte lipsticks and extreme glosses lose their edge, ya know?  If you’re feeling me on this, Milani’s Color Statement Lipsticks (here) are the perfect option for you.



Teddy Bare (left) had a strange melting accident which didn’t seem to happen to any of my other lipsticks.  I had to cut the edge off and start over, hence the knife marks.  Also, the security sticker will not come off from the packaging.  I even soaked it in Goo-Gone.  Could you just be cool for like, once, CVS??  I’m not saying I got a cursed lipstick, but…

Price.  $5.49 – Thumbs up!

Pigmentation.  It doesn’t take too much to get an opaque lip with these.  I did notice, however, that Sangria went on a little unevenly.  No such problem with the other two though.  There also are tons of pretty colors in this range.  I want Violet Volt and Matte Orchid now!

Wear Time.  These won’t last a whole night of dinner and dancing without reapplying.  If you’re not eating, they might last more than 3 hours, but be prepared to re apply within 2-3 during meals.

Texture.  Similar to Maybelline’s Color Sensation lipsticks:  not so creamy that it’s sliding all over your lips and not so matte that your lips feel as if they’re suffocating.  These are super comfortable to wear since they’re lightweight and silky.  They’re also easily mattified with some translucent powder.  It takes no time at all and definitely makes a difference in your wear time.

IMG_7446Best Red


Sangria (similar to Mac’s Rebel and Wet N Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy)


Milani Color Statement Lipstick Swatches

What are some of your favorite shades from this collection?  Let me know.  Also, how messy is my hair in the first picture!?  I used a sample of Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray and it looks like I electrocuted myself.  Check back tomorrow for DupeDay feat. Beauty Blender!

All The Best,


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